Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am getting discouraged.  I looked at the low income apartments that we have in the area and almost all them have massively long waiting lists.  yeah, that is so encouraging.  The ones that don't, well you have to be a senior for those and I am not.  62 or older you can get into one right away in some places.  The ones near my house are at least a year if not longer wait.  Where do I live in the meantime?  Out of a box somewhere?  I certainly do hope I get a job because that seems to be the only thing I can do to have a place to live.  However, there is the looming question on how well am I to work?  Well, I have major concentrating problems at time due to Fibro fog, plus there is the minor detail that I have a headache everyday not to mention the other problems with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, etc.  Yeah, today is not my day.  I think I am going to take a nap shortly as I am exhausted from everything that has been going on lately.

We finished organizing Mom's paperwork.  Mine will start next week.  Of course I have paperwork that was due yesterday that I haven't done yet.  See what I mean about the fog?  I know sometimes that it has to be done, and then others I forget it.  I think I just want to hide from the world for the rest of today.  I am just really down this afternoon, didn't seem so this morning, but right now I am.  I don't have any dreams today.  They are all down the tube.  I hope later on is better and tomorrow is better too because this just stinks.

I miss Mom even more today, at least with her I knew where I would live and how we would live.  This limbo business is awful.  How do people do it?  I just don't know.  Today is not my day, maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. I hope it's better for you, Heather. Take your nap and maybe the "fog" will lift. It sometimes does for me. Then you can think better and come up with a secure plan. I am thinking and praying for you!
    Your dear friend,

  2. Heather, Missy is right fatigue just make us not think straight..are you positive you won't be able to stay in your house..if you are owning the home and for some reason you can't stay, it takes a long long time before you physically have to leave. like a year. I dont know you situation but if you want to chat about sstuf like that email me..I have some ideas..we have gone through a financial bump for some time and I am learining..