Sunday, November 7, 2010

turning the corner on the cold

I think I have turned the corner and finally am getting better.  I am still simply exhausted, but I do feel a bit better today.  I have so much to do this week that I just don't have time to be ill.  I really don't.  Not that I think anyone has time to be ill, you know.  I have so much paperwork I need to fill out and copy to send in to places.  Tillie is planning to come tomorrow and I think so is Maia.  I need their help with this so that i get it done and done right.  It is too important to miss any papers.

I was supposed to go to my uncle's today but Michelle is ill too so it is a good thing she cancelled.  I wouldn't have been able to go either so I would have cancelled too.  She has a small son so I hope he didn't get it.  Colds are hard enough on adults let alone little boys.  I am, however, extremely glad I can't give this one to Mom.  That is about the only good thing I can say about her being gone.  Other than that, it really sucks to have your Mom gone.  I miss all the stuff we did together, even in this last year which wasn't her best.  We used to have such fun all the time together but now it is up to me.  I will be strong, she would want me to be.

I have to meet with the lawyer again this week for some paperwork.  I need to let him know he has to take care of the bank account too.  Silly bank, if they would have only let me make a deposit then Mom's account wouldn't be in the hole!  But they wouldn't!  Their problem for now.  Yup, because they wouldn't let me make a deposit that would have covered the check that I had written, they paid it and now the account is overdrawn.  Oh well, I won't worry about that one.

I am still resting for the most part today.  It looks pretty out but I don't know what the weather is like since I haven't been outside yet and am not planning to go outside at all.  I will pick up my medicine tomorrow.  I have 4 students tomorrow.  I will be well enough to teach since the cold is on the downside now.

I hope to have more interesting stuff to post in the next few days besides this miserable cold.  I hope you are healthy and doing well too!


  1. I'm so glad that you are doing better, Heather! I am, too, I think. The twitches that I've been having are decreasing and my speech is better. I still have the twitches, but not as bad. :0)
    I hope you get your paperwork done OK. I know the government and social security forms take forever to fill out!! I wouldn't worry about the bank, seems they are in the RED since they wouldn't let you deposit. It's THEIR fault! Ha! Don't you just love banks?
    Get better soon!

  2. Banks are as evil as politicians! Just do not let them get you down. I am praying girl! Take care of yourself and stop by any time. Hugs to you! Anne