Tuesday, November 9, 2010

paperwork day

We are doing major paperwork today.  Well, okay, Maia and Tillie are doing major paperwork.  I am just the bystander saying yes or no to whatever they are doing.  Tillie and I went to the lawyer's today only to discover he didn't do anything he was supposed to so we have to go back on Thursday at 10 am.  Yeah, I wasn't pleased about this at all.  We did get some questions answered but not by him by his assistant which was fine because I didn't know that I should have contacted the insurance last month for the house to be transferred over into the trust.  I mean, really, shouldn't that have been mentioned last week of things I need to do?  I am new at this and he is not.  I was not happy with the lawyer after finding that out.  The utilities are fine because mom's house is in a trust right now.  The house insurance will be transferred into her trust's name as soon as I fax the paperwork to them which will be tomorrow.

We have paperwork all over the table in the living room right now plus some in boxes and a couple of bags.  Biggest question, where to begin with everything.  Do we start with my bankruptcy stuff or with all mom's paperwork?  I just don't exactly know.  My head is swimming from everything that I waited forever to do and now have to do because I procrastinated way too long on.  I mean really, some of this stuff could have been taken care of a while ago if I just would have done that, but I didn't.  This summer I really got lazy on paperwork because I was so dealing with mom and all her issues that she had.  I really should have done better with my time and now I am sorry for it.  I am very sorry for that.

It has been a bit of a busy day since I had to open a bank account in my name, pick up medicine, go see the lawyer, and then go through more paperwork.  I wish I could magically get rid of all of this and it would be done but hey, we don't live in Harry Potter's world now do we?

We were looking at pictures of Mom that we found in her top drawer today.  There is even one of Mom in a bathing suit.  I would have love to have seen her in one.  I think I can count the number of times on 1 hand that I have seen her in a bathing suit as a child.  We found pictures of her in one.  She looked very cute.  Some of the pictures were rather old but were fun to look at.  The only sad part of the day was when the lady at the bank asked how Mom was doing.  Now, most of the people of the bank know Mom died because they froze her account and many have said they were sorry.  So, of course, I got teary eyed and she was upset because she didn't know.  I know she didn't mean anything by it, it just made me sad to have to say Mom died last month.

More paperwork for tomorrow is on the agenda for us and then Thursday the lawyer's office again, hopefully with paperwork ready for me this time.  I don't like wasting my time, I mean, he didn't come out to talk to us, his assistant did.  What does that say to us?  His time is more precious than ours?  I mean, really come out and talk to me directly please to explain why I have to come out again and then answer my questions.  I am paying you good money for all this.

Anyways, not a bad day, somewhat productive for a change.  I hope your day has gone well too.

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  1. Oh Sweetie, you need a good lawyer. I hope this one will shape up. Why do they need your personal financial business if this is your mom's estate? Did you own property together? My sweets in the executor of his mom's will. He works for a major law firm and they consoled the family to let him be the personal rep. because otherwise each person would have to pay attorneys fees that could eat up the estate! I am praying for you. Hugs Anne