Thursday, June 30, 2011


My student, Breanna has decided to go and audition for American Idol.  We are working on choosing songs.  She must have 3 to 5 songs.  It is a four day process.  She is 15 so the choices must not only show her range but also be age appropriate.  That is the hard part, the age appropriateness.  So many songs are just not for a 15 year old but I am sure she will pick some that are.  We chatted a bit about that today after the lesson.  So far she has 2 potentials that fit both needs, age and range.  She has to sing them accapella which is very difficult but she has no problem with it.  Many people can sing, but they can't sing accapella. Singing without accompaniment is tough as you are on your own.  Last year I had a student who had her school choir teacher make a recording of a song for her with the foreign language, well, like many people, by the end of the songs she was a 3rd below what she started with.  That is actually more normal than not, unfortunately.  I think that is why many auditions for things like American Idol are accapella.  You really have to be able to sing to do this type.  I am anxious to see what she brings me next week.  We have about 2 weeks to get her ready.  I am excited about this.

Tomorrow I have Acer and Calli's lesson and that is it so I may do a bit of moving things around downstairs before their lessons.  It is also the day I get my hair washed so I do need to fit that in.  It has been very helpful having someone else doing it for me with the way my arms and shoulders are these days.  I can't wait to see Calli's hair cut live and in person.  She donated her hair to Locks of Love.  I did that a few years ago.  I have 13 inches cut off and still had shoulder length hair, that is how long my hair was.  I was really glad I did that.  I am growing my hair long again.  I think I am going to donate it again.  I do like the bangs I have now so I will keep those.

Not much going on today.  I was super tired after my blood test.  It was after Breanna's lesson about 2:30 or so.  I came back, ate lunch, read a bit, and then headed to take a nap.  I was just so tired.  I couldn't stay awake anymore.  I am still super tired.  I had a few calls today that I will call back tomorrow.  I just was so tired that I couldn't really talk on the phone.  Maybe I will feel more awake tomorrow.  I certainly hope by the weekend I am more awake as I have such big plans.  I would like to at least do 1/2 if I can't get it all done.  My goal is to get it all done though.  I think in 3 days I should be able to do that.

I had thought about getting a cat but one of my students is very allergic to them so no cat for me.  I think it was more of the idea of a cat rather than the reality of the cat.  I didn't like the idea of cleaning up after them and I had a real hard time figuring out where to put the cat litter.  I don't want it in the bathroom because they can smell and that is a smell I can't stand.  I have a cousin who has her's in her bathroom and I have a hard time using her bathroom because of it.  It just smells so gross most of the time.  It really does.  I don't know if it is because the type of kitty litter she uses or if she just doesn't smell it but to me it grosses me out all the time when I need to use the bathroom.  I didn't want it in the utility room either because of my clean clothes there. You can see that I have just no idea where it would go.  i have no basement and keeping it outside was not an option so I guess it is good that I am not going to get a cat.  I feel okay about that decision.  It is probably for the best.  I wouldn't have gotten it right away either so it isn't like I had the cat picked out and ready to go.  I am not going to get it.  I will just get some other beanie baby kittens.  They are cute too.  I like beanie babies.  I have a few of Winnie the Pooh beanie babies that I have collected over the years.   Mom has given me some too like the graduation Pooh Bear from when I got my master's degree.  I had thought about going back and getting my PHd, but I have decided against it because I still would have difficulty standing while teaching.  I would still have the health issues that I have so to get deeper in debt, and not be able to still work, would be a bad idea.

I can't really say outside of the lesson that it was a good day, it was a sleepy day.  I do hope yours was a good day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

better day today

Last night ended up being a horrible night after about 10:30 pm.  I don't know what happen but I got upset and was missing Mom so bad.  I just started to cry and got upset.  It doesn't happen as much anymore but boy when it does, look out!  I cried for about 30 minutes and tried to calm down.  Eventually, I did calm down and went up to bed with my book to read.  By the time I went upstairs and got ready for bed I was much calmer.  I started reading and read until about 2 am.  I ended up finishing the book at about that time and then crawled in for the night.  I slept okay, I think I was a bit exhausted because of the upset earlier in the day.

I woke up at about usual time.  I sort of lounged a bit before I actually got out of bed.  I finally dragged myself out of bed and got ready for the day.  I came down and got ready for lessons.  I needed to type out 2 new songs for Carson.  He is almost done with the current songs he is working on.  As usual, he came earlier than his scheduled time.  I told him for the summer that it was fine to come early as I know he wants as much time with his friends swimming at his Grandmother's.  Since usually I am reading or working on the computer, having his lesson early is no big deal.

Bob didn't have a lesson today as scheduled.  His mother-in-law, Mary Finn, is in the hospital again and they think this is the end so the next few weeks are up in the air as far as his lesson goes.  I totally understand.  Mrs. Finn has had several problems these last few years and she is 92 or 93 years old.  I know Maggie has been very worried about her mother this last year.  She has been in and out of the hospital for about a year now.  I feel so bad for Maggie, I know how hard this is going to be with her.  She lost her Father when she was 9 so the entire family is very close to their mother.  She has 6 brothers and sisters.  One brother is her twin.  She and Marty are twins and I think, the youngest too.  I told Bob to just keep me posted about his schedule.

This weekend is the Holiday weekend since Monday is July the 4th.  Friday is Canada Day for my Canadian relatives and friends.  I don't have any lessons on Saturday or Monday.  I think I am going to tackle the music and CDs.  I am going to put all the music away.  I will bring a chair downstairs into the office and put all the music away.  There are about 4 boxes to put away.  Then I will bring all the copied CDs down from my room and up from the office and put all of them in order and away.  That will take up a good portion of Saturday.  Then I am going to take all the original CDs and put them away in their boxes in my room.  I don't keep the originals out where everybody can get to them on purpose.  I want them in one place and safe from everyday use as in order to replace them I have to buy both the book and the CD again.  They come, usually, as a package.  It is rare to have the CD come alone right now.  I will also spend sometime this weekend working on bills and paying some as it will be the beginning of the month again.

After I work on the music I plan to bring the books out of my room and bring them downstairs.  I plan to take most of them to the used bookstore to turn in for new to me books to read this weekend and next week.  I plan to go and pack up the clothes of Mom's that are in the utility room.  Some of them are hanging up and others are in a pile on the dryer.  I have 2 pairs of Mom's old jeans in the hallway upstairs.  I am going to call Salvation Army for a home pick up.  I have some old pictures from the store, a TV with stand, a couple of exercise machines (except for the elliptical machine), a shuffleboard, and 5 bar stools.  That will help clear out the room so that we can redo the room easier.  Clearing out the other stuff we really make it easier to move in the room.  I plan to tackle my room this weekend.  I have to wash the towels and the sheets in my dirty laundry container that is currently sitting next to the washer.  I will bring up all my clean clothes and put them away.  I have a few clothes that will go to donation too along with Mom's.  I have some boxes and a pail in my room that I don't know why there are even in there.  I really don't.  I have a bag of Disney stuff that is in a bag in front of my chest of drawers.  I have no idea why it is there either.  It is very much in the way right now.  Right now, my room is very difficult to walk through and I am not happy about that.  Also, I have my Mom's slippers in my room, why, I don't know.  I can't wear them as she wore size 8 and I am size 6 to 7.  I will be donating them.  So anyways, my room will be better organized.  I do need to take the box of pictures and put the pictures back in the boxes that they belong in.  Right now they are sitting in other boxes in my dining room.  I don't particularly like that.  The photo albums are also in the boxes in the dining room for some unknown reason too.  They belong down on a shelf in the office.  That is where I got them from so that is where they belong.  Mom's really old photo album is totally falling apart now.  I have to put it in a bag before it goes on the shelf.  I am hoping I will feel well enough this weekend to finish what I want to do.  I have got to start somewhere in the house to get it in order.

I ordered a new bread box from Amazon this week.  I really miss having one and I hate bread on the counter and in the fridge.  I don't like it in the cupboard either.  I like it in a bread box but of course, that went last year when the kitchen got redone.  At the time it didn't seem like a big deal, but it has turned out to be one because I just find the bread goes bad faster out in the counter.

If I finish my room and the music before the end of the weekend, I will rearrange some things in the kitchen as soon as the bread box gets here.  I need to move a few things out of the way.  I am planning to move the boxes out of the drawer that they are in next to the stove into the back room pantry shelves.  I will then be able to store the faberware grill in the drawer.  Then I will take the cans out of the one shelf and move them into the back room cupboards too.  Then I will move the kitchen utensils back into the drawer where they need to go.  The dishes will go back into the cupboard to the right of the sink.  This will remove the utensils that are sitting out on the counter top.  I will move the coffee and the tea makers into the back room too because I don't use them very often.  I only make coffee when I have company as I don't drink it at all.  I will also put the coffee can in the back room too as every time I open the glasses door, I can smell it and I don't like the smell of coffee.  I really don't.  I am moving the toaster in the back room too as I don't use it very often.  When I need it, I will pull it out.  I have to clear out some of the stuff that I have on the counter too because I will be getting rid of the desk that is in the dining room too. I will move the scanner/printer will go down to the office and the other printer will go on the counter.  The empty paper, business cards, scrap paper, and letterhead will go to the office too.  The other scanner will go to the donations as I can't use it anymore but maybe someone can.  I will move the DVD back on the stool under where the TV in the dining room sits so that there is more room in the dining room.  Right now it is very cramped in the dining room.  By the end of summer, it will be open again like I like it because I can have family or friends over and open up the table.  Right now I can't open up the table because there is no room.

So anyways, this is the plan.  I hope my Fibro lets me do this plan.  i hope your day is going well too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

so nice and cool out today

I can't believe I just type the words, nice and cool out today.  Yup, it is the hot season here in Michigan.  There are two season this year so far, winter and summer.  Our spring was, like so many, the pits.  It pored rain and was cold, then it became hot.  Well, today and yesterday have been simply wonderful.  The weather was really nice, high 70's, low humidity.  I know it won't last as it is June 28 today.  Come Friday and it will be July.  Saturday is my niece, Abigail's 12th birthday.  Boy, has time sure flown with that one.  It seems like yesterday that she was born.  She is my older brother, Richard, oldest child.  She is lovely and growing so fast.  I hope to see her soon.  I haven't seen her since 2008 and she was not happy to have me go home.  I wasn't too happy about that either.  I really missed her and her brother, William, when I arrived home.  Thank goodness at that time I had the store to keep busy.  Now I just miss her and her brother a lot. I don't expect to see them this summer, but one never knows so I am keeping my options open.

It has been a nice and busy day.  I had 4 lessons this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it.  It started with Miss Rachel, who is 5 almost 6 (July 8), Elizabeth was next, she is 6 almost 7 (September), Laith, who is 5, and finally, Charlie who will be 17 this coming month.  Everyone played their lessons very well.  I was pleased.  It seems like the new little ones practice during the week.  Rachel spoke a bit more today.  I told them all about the plans of going to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie with me.  I want to see the movie and I don't want to go alone, although sometime I will have to tackle that.  I miss Mom that is for sure.  She and I would go to movies all year long together.  I really miss her a lot for so many reasons, going to movies is just one of the many reasons.  All three of the young ones think going to see Winnie the Pooh together is a good idea.  I had hoped they would.  Elizabeth likes Piglet best out of all the characters from Winnie the Pooh.  I had to smile.  She also discovered the Donald Duck stuffed animal  on the other piano.  I told her what would happen if she lifted him up by his ears so she did.  Then she placed him on the floor and watched Donald sing and walk.  She smiled and laughed at Donald's song.  After that she put him back and had to go home.

I finished reading the book, "The Help".  It was good.  I disagree that it is the most important book to ever read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It definitely gave a different view on things in the 60's.  I have often wondered how things were at different era's and time periods in history.  I really liked the book so I will recommend it to my friends.  I am not sure if I will see the movie.  I think it depends on what rating it gets.  If it is rated 'R', I will not see it as I don't go to rated 'R' movies.  I just don't.  Sometimes they take rated 'R' movies, clean them up a bit, and then show them on TV, then I will see them, but as a rule, I just don't go to rated 'R' movies.  I prefer the lighter, less profanity, less violence, less sex movies at this time.  Maybe in a few years I will change my mind and go and see some, but not now.  I am planning to go to the used bookstore this week as I need some new material to read.  I have a few books to take back, some are down here, others are in my room.  I spend a lot of time reading these days.  I have gotten used to the quietness in my life and the silence is reassuring now unlike after Momma first passed.  I am sleeping a bit better at night now.  I am not so scared like I was when I was first alone.  I sometimes still don't fall asleep until after 5 am because I have been reading late or I just can't sleep but I don't mind anymore.  I will fall asleep when I can and get up when I have to.  I won't worry what anyone else thinks.  I don't.  They world doesn't end or change if I decide to sleep in or get up early.  There is no change at all.  If it bothers people (and I know it bothers at least one person) that is just too bad.  It is my life and I will live it best I can.  I don't see why it should bother anyone.  I am up in time for lessons and for other things I must do so that is what is important.  I have learned not to make my blood tests to early in the day as I tend to sleep through them, but other than that, I keep my schedule the way I want.

I forgot to take my morning medicine today so I am a bit sorer than usual.  It is too late in the day to take some of it now.  I have taken what I can but some of it I have to wait until tomorrow.  Silly me, what was I thinking?  I wasn't and that is the truth.  I was too busy reading.  Soon it will be time to take the nighttime medicine.  NCIS is on right now.  I love this show so much.  I also like NCIS


Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, it is official, the student who was supposed to start last Wednesday at 2 pm, who got lost, has quit.  She is so frazzled from the directions the GPS gave her that she is quitting.  I tried to tell her that I have better directions, but it didn't work.  She is afraid of the M-59 highway.  Makes me wonder how often she really drives and how far.  I am bummed.  i was looking forward to the student's lesson.  She is 11 and was going to take singing.  Well, thankfully, I have 3 new ones this summer that help make up for the 2 who quit for the summer.  I just wish I had a few more.  I am starting to stress on bills again.  I hope this next month is better.

Emily had her lesson.  She is doing quite well.  She is jamming at flash cards.  We added a few new notes that she will need in a few weeks.  Next week, I will add the rest of the new notes she will need for her new hand position.  I am very pleased with her progress.  Tomorrow, I have my 3 little ones and Charlie so that will be an awesome day.  Emily has rescheduled her lesson next week from Monday to Tuesday since Monday is July the 4th.  I know Bob will be changing his lesson day too, probably to Wednesday, so I already wrote him down for Wednesday.  If he needs to change it, I will.  I prefer to reschedule a lesson as oppose to miss a lesson.  It is best for the student as they don't miss as much.  I love how Charlie more often than not, reschedules lessons rather than cancels them.  Bob does the same thing.  I really like that about them.

I am watching My Yard Goes Disney.  It is such a neat show.  They take backyards and make them into a Disney theme.  This week is a Pirate themed backyard.  Boy, we would have totally loved that as children.  Any of the Disney themes would have worked for us.

Speaking of Disney, Kathy and crew had a good time in Disney World last week.  The girls got to meet all the princesses and ate in Cinderella's Castle, a place I have never eaten in.  I have eaten with Cinderella but it was at the 1900 Park Place in the Grand Floridian Hotel off of the Magic Kingdom.  It was lots of fun.  Jacqueline, Aggie, Mom, and I ate there for our special night out.  We were all celebrating our birthdays.  I had no idea it was the last trip for Mom.  I sure miss her a lot today.  I missed her a lot when I was at Andrew's graduation too.  It is hard to celebrate things without her here to be with us.

I haven't done a whole lot today.  I am very tired as usual it seems.  This new exhaustion seems to be the new norm for me.  I don't know why or have any idea what is causing it, it is just there.  I have had this extra exhaustion for about 3 months now.  I meant to get a thermometer to check my temperature because some days I think I have a low grade fever, but I need to monitor this.  Today seems to be okay, but one day last week I felt a bit warm.  I will have to go out later this week to get a new one.

I do hope you are having a good day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sleepy day

I am so sleepy today.  I don't know why, I am just super duper tired today.  I think the being so busy last week has got up to me, like it always does.  I am glad I chose not to plan anything today as I figured I would be exhausted.  It isn't always the pain of fibro that gets me, it is the exhaustion of fibro that gets me.  Sometimes, when I am this tired, I am in a lot more pain, but this time it is just a bit of extra pain so that is good.

I have my usual busy week, not super busy like last week.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days.  I look forward to that.  The other days I have only one lesson but I am thankful for the lessons that I do have.  They allow me to stay in the house and live here.  Without it, I don't know where I would be.  I don't want to think about that.  I love this house.  I have always lived here and I don't ever want to move.  i just don't.  I have it set up perfectly for entertainment and for teaching.  It just needs some tweaking that will get done this summer.

I am watching a TLC show about the Irish Gypsies.  It is fascinating, simply fascinating.  The girls are raised very strict.  You never live with the person before marriage.  Most are strict Catholics.  The wedding dresses are amazing.  They are huge ball gowns.  Many of them still live in RVs although more and more are living in houses and apartments.  I find shows that are about another culture very interesting.  I like glimpses into how other cultures live.  Friday is the end of the series at this point.  That wasn't enough weeks.  That is one of the downsides to the TLC shows, they aren't very long.  I hope they show new ones soon.  It was a very fascinating look into their culture and how they fit in the world today.  Although, it is sad to hear how they are discriminated against.  You would think that in the year 2011, discrimination would be gone but it isn't.  i have a good friend who, unfortunately, is very prejudice.  She doesn't think she is, but she really is.  I tend to steer the conversation away from that subject when it comes up.  It is crazy especially since she is Native American and has had been discriminated against so you would think she would be more open to different people, but she isn't.  She is older too, so you would think that would make a difference, but it doesn't.  In my family, I often get the weird looks at times because I am more traditional than others, not all the family, just a few.  It isn't fair because I am supposed to accept them but they look weird at me and insult me.  I don't particularly like that.  I have learned not to answer certain questions or talk about certain things.  It is just better this way.  I am an outcast at times in part of my own family.  I just do my own thing and not let it bother me too much.  I have gotten used to it so most of the time doesn't bother me.

I hope this is a fun week.  Last week was fun, busy, but fun.  I enjoyed my brother's graduation.  I just wish Momma were here to enjoy it with me.  She would have been beside herself with excitement and joy.  Her biggest wish was that all of us would be educated.  Education was so important to her, it really was.  She wanted all of us to go to college so we would be prepared to have good jobs to support ourselves.  Andrew was the last one to go and graduate.  I am so glad he has.  From what he has said, he picked a good career choice and will be able to get a job right away.  I am very happy for him.  It was nice to spend some good time with him and some of the family for a joyous occasion.

I do hope your day is good too.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


It has been quiet day.  I had one lesson, Rick, he takes an hour lesson of voice.  It is a good time.  He started a new Italian Song.  We started 2 new musical theatre songs last week.  I was so exhausted at about 4:30 today that I had to lie back down for a while.  I was just that tired.  I think I am still exhausted from Thursday with the 4 hour drives.  Driving that long much wears me out completely.  I don't know why, it just does.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow.  I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow.  I am just going to play it by ear.  Maybe I will go to a movie or go and see Donna, maybe dropping Emily's gift off, who knows?  I shall see how I feel tomorrow and then I will decide what to do.  I may stay home too, I just don't know right now.

It has been a good day so far.  I don't mind having quiet days.  I do wish Mom was here with me everyday.  That hasn't changed at all in the last 8 months.  I think I will always think that.

Andrew hasn't posted his pictures we took of his graduation yet, neither has his friend, Terra.  I am hoping they will do it next week sometime.  I want to show off the picture of the grad all dressed up looking sharp.  He really looked nice.  Andrew cleans up well when he wants to.  It was nice to see him again as I don't see him very much since he lives a couple of hours away.  He doesn't have a car right now so he can't meet me 1/2 way in Sarnia.  That would be the coolest, but I will have to wait until he has a car.  It was also nice to see my Uncle and his family.  I don't see them very often anymore either.  There is a family BBQ at Tillie's in July.  I am not sure if I can attend.  It all depends on my teaching schedule for the day.  I will know more when it gets closer.  Hayley isn't sure that she is going either.  I don't know about Audrey or Kenny either.  Right now I am not sure who will be attending.

A rerun of NCIS is on USA right now.  It is from this past season.  I know I have seen it recently, but with NCIS, I can watch these over and over.  There really isn't much else on right now.  TV is kind of boring on a Saturday night.  Sunday is a bit better at night, but not by much.

I am now reading Jo's Boy, the 3rd of the Little Women trilogy.  I finished all the Anne of Green Gables books last week.  Once I finish this book, sometime probably tomorrow or Monday, I will have to find something to read again.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

He is a College Graduate!

It is true, my younger brother, Andrew is now a college graduate!  I was there, I witnessed it!  We left about 2 pm yesterday and came home about 12:30 am last night.  I am very tired today though!  That was 2 hours there and 2 hours home.  Tillie came over to ride with me.  I thought she would spend the night, but she went home.  She swims every morning in the YMCA pool so she didn't want to miss a day.  I didn't really fall asleep until after about 5 am.  I was not happy with that so I am hoping I fall asleep a lot earlier tonight.  I have one lesson tomorrow in the afternoon so that is good.  I don't have any plans for Sunday at this point, I am just not sure what I am going to do yet.  I really don't know right now.  I may go and see Donna or I may go to a movie.  I do want to see the Pirates movie.  I just don't know right now.  I am not sure either.  I do want to stop by Emily's house and give her the graduation present that I got for her.  I hope she likes it.  I do know I need to do laundry this weekend.  I have some clothes to pack away for donation, the last of the little lady's, and I have some of my clothes to put away too.  I may work on that tomorrow or Sunday, I just don't know which one yet.  I have some vacuuming to do too, I am not sure what day I will do that either, maybe split it and do a little each day.

Next week I need to remember to take my grill in to get a new part that for some reason didn't come with it.  I love this grill as it is an indoor one with the taste of outside grilling.  We wore the one out we used when I was a kid.  It finally went a few years ago.  Fortunately, my Mom bought one for my younger brother and he left it at our house and he said I can keep it.  Thank goodness because now I have one.

This past week was super busy for me but I was glad for it.  I like being busy and sometimes I am not busy enough.  Next week will be a regular busy week.  I have the 13 regular lessons so I am pleased about that.  I can't wait until July 11 when I see my Muglia girls.  I haven't seen them since May due to all the health issues that their mother has had.  I have 2 sewing machines for the girls plus another how to sew book.  I just love that family so much.  The kids are wonderful.  There are 9 total now.  The older 4 girls take piano.  Sarah, the 4th girl and child number 6, just started a few months ago.  It is a bit hard to have once a month lessons with a beginner like her, but she practices all the time just like I asked so it is working for us.  The older 3 girls are at a point in their music that it does take a good month to learn their pieces so once a month really works well.  It is not something I would recommend for most students, that is for sure, but with their circumstances, we (the girls and me) have made it work.  Bob is having his lesson on Wednesday because of his work schedule this week.  That leaves just one lesson on Monday with my Emily.  What a doll.  She really is.  She is 8 and really doing very well.  I have 4 on Tuesday, 3 maybe 4 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday, and 3 on Friday.

Breanna had her lesson for the first time in a month.  She had so much school work to finish that she just couldn't fit it in.  I was so happy to see her and I think she was happy to see me.  She came after Acer and Calli.  Calli is doing very well with her Caro Mio Ben.  Her dad taught her how to roll her tongue so now we need to work on it in the song.  We are almost done with Can You Feel the Love Tonight so we started Feed the Birds.  Feed the Birds was Walt Disney's favorite song.  He wanted to hear it all the time.  It just spoke to him.  It is amazing how some music speaks to us.  I have certain songs that just hit me a special way.  I have Mom to thank for my love of music because she shared her passion for music while I grew up.  That is what I try to pass along to my students.  Whether they stay with lessons or go on to something else, I hope that they always love music.

It has been a quiet day with a few lessons.  It has been a good day.  I am glad I went to the graduation yesterday despite how tiring it was.  I just wish Mom had been there with me.  She would have been so excited about him graduating, she really would have been.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

another busy day

I had 3 lessons today.  I should have had 4 but the first one got lost and instead of calling me to find out how to get to me, she went home then called me.  I don't expect to see them ever from the sounds of it.  I did try to tell her that if she used the GPS to get here she might get lost, but she wouldn't let me give directions.  I have been through this a few times.  I was a bit frustrated as I had everything ready for her.  I had a new CD copied for her and the music was copied too.  Oh well, the rest of the lessons made up for it.  Carson came early for his lesson.  Hey, I don't mind.  Bob had his lesson next and while he was playing his Mozart Sonata the thunder was accompanying him!  We have weird weather today.  Beth just finished her lesson.  She started a new song today to work on air flow.  She did quite well with it.  We taped two songs so that she could practice with us singing on it.  That will help her a lot.

Tomorrow is Andrew's graduation.  I am meeting him at a park.  Weird, I know, but that is where he wants to meet us so that is where we are going to meet.  The ceremony starts at 6:30 pm.  After that we are going to a restaurant for dinner.  I have to stop at the bank tomorrow to get some money to pay for my dinner and the bridge tolls.  I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

I am a bit tired tonight now, I am planning to go to bed early because I am getting up earlier than usual.  I do hope you are having a good day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

busy day

I had 5 lessons this afternoon.  I was very happy about that.  Rachel had her 3rd lesson, Elizabeth and Laith had their first lessons.  Katie had her first lesson in a month while Charlie had his usual lesson.  Both Elizabeth and Laith did very well with their lessons.  I should probably have gotten them the regular books instead of the ones for young beginners but I didn't.  You just never know with that age, you really don't.  i have 8 year olds who really could have used the young beginners books so it is hard to know.  The day was just really nice.  I have to copy some music tonight and a CD for my new vocal student tomorrow.  I am going to start with Castle on a Cloud and I'd Do Anything.  They are very good beginning songs.  I hope she likes them.  I only have 3 lessons tomorrow although Beth is an hour lesson so it is almost like 4 lessons.  Thursday is my brother, Andrew's graduation.  Apparently, he graduates at 6:30 now.  I didn't know the time in the first place, so hey, this works just fine.  I also have absolutely any idea where I am going.  I am to meet him at a park, not his apartment, a park.  Seems rather strange to me but whatever.  I plan on leaving about 2 pm since it is a 2 hour drive and I don't know how the bridge will be.  I am hoping for a quick crossing.  We shall see how this goes.  I am happy to be going to see him graduate from college.  He actually finished a couple of months ago, but this is the ceremony.  I don't know if he has found a full-time job yet either.  I shall find all this out on Thursday too.

Oh my, I am exhausted today.  I really am.  It is good exhaustion in a way because I was very busy.  After Charlie's lesson I went to get a few groceries and gas because the way the lessons are spread out tomorrow, I won't have time to do that so I did today plus I was out of milk and cereal.  I did need them for tomorrow's brunch.  I also got some fruits too since I am out of them too.

NCIS is on right now.  Of course, being summer it is a re-run, still it is a good show.  I am ready to fall completely asleep right now though so I am considering going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow I need to clear the table for Thursday.  I don't know if I will last through NCIS Los Angeles.  I really am not sure.

It has been a great day for me.  I hope your day has been good too.  Tomorrow should be awesome too.  I am just so excited about new students this week.

Monday, June 20, 2011


It has been a quiet day.  I have a lesson in 2 hours.  I am so very exhausted this afternoon.  I don't really know why I am extra exhausted today, but I am.  I tried to nap but I am so tired I can't sleep.  I got up late because I just couldn't get up any earlier.  It is supposed to rain for the next few days.  It is nothing unusual for the month of June.  We have had a lot of rain this spring.  It just started to downpour hard.

I am so hoping Kathy is having a good time in Disney World.  Today is the first day for her and the family.  I really hope it is going well.  I know she loves Disney World but when it is too hot she doesn't feel very well and it is June so it is probably hot.  I warned her about how it rains a bit everyday in June in Disney.  I found that out in 2008 when we were there.  August was nice in 2007 when Mom, Phoebe, and I were there for the Pirate and Princess party.  It was beautiful weather and even Mom did well with the weather.  I do hope Kathy does okay with the heat.  I know the kids won't be a problem as they never are, but I do worry how Kathy will do with the heat.  She and the girls are going to have either breakfast or lunch at Cinderella's Castle.  How awesome is that.  The girls will have their Princess dresses on for the meal.  I can't wait to see pictures of the twins with Cinderella and friends.  That is just so cool.  The Cinderella Castle is the one place I never got to eat with Mom when we were doing the character meals.  I just never remembered to call early enough to get in.  We DID eat with Cinderella with Jacqueline and Aggie at the restaurant in the Grand Floridian Hotel.  We, of course, got lots of pictures.  I still have the pictures for 2007 trip to develop.  I keep forgetting about them.  I will take care of that this summer.  I asked Kathy to make sure she took a lot of pictures of the family having a good time.  I just hope she is focusing on having a good time with not only her family but the extended family that is also at Disney.  Tony's siblings and their families, along with his parents are all at Disney right now.  I do hope she has fun.  I will be praying for her to have a good time.

The rain is over now.  I have the drapes open in the Dining room where I am sitting.  I haven't see the back yard in a while and wow, the weeds have taken over my patio and my gardens.  The carpet roses are doing well and looking beautiful though even though the rest of the backyard is not.  I am not too worried about it though.  Next year I will worry about the backyard.  Right now the important thing is saving an emergency fund.  That is my main goal for the summer.

Emily is having her lesson tonight.  She is so cute and doing very well.  She just started learning her notes for the C position.  So far, she is remembering them really well.  I am pleased with her progress.  I have little Rachel tomorrow and 2 new little ones.  I have all the books and flashcards ready for the new students.  On Wednesday, I have a new 11 year old for voice lessons.  I am so happy about the new students as I really need both the students and the money from the students.  So far, summer is looking pretty good.  I hope it is going to stay looking good.

I just saw a movie trailer for the newest Harry Potter movie.  Boy, it looks good.  I can't wait!  I am excited about it.  When the last movie came out, I was excited but not as excited as I would normally have been.  I love Harry Potter a lot.  The movies are really good.  I have seen all but the last one with Mom and with students.  When the 3rd movie came out in the IMAX I asked students and their parents if they wanted to go, so we did.  Mom, me, and about 25 students and parents.  We loved it.  Over the years I have gone to musicals, movies, Disney World, and out to eat with students and their families.  I plan to see the new Harry Potter with the 3 older Muglia girls.  They are going at midnight the day it comes out, however, I will not be.  I am just not going to see the night it opens.  I have been to an opening day of Harry, number 5 and the seats my friends and students picked were too close to the screen for me and I had trouble during the movie and so did Mom.  I can't sit too close to the screen or I get dizzy and ill, same with Mom.  I found that out the hard way one time and i won't do it again.

I hope your day is going well.  It is okay for me.  I will enjoy Emily's lesson and then I will relax the rest of the evening.  I may clear off the dining room table as I am supposed to have company before I leave for Andrew's graduation this week.

Here are some pictures of Mom and I in Disney in June of 2008

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Tired Today

I think on the days I don't teach and have anything I must do, i am more warn out.  I did go and get the Tylenol PM I needed and the new students piano books, but other than that, I have nothing I have to do.  I do have things I should do but I am so tired and achy today that it just isn't going to get done.  I really feel like I could go back to bed.  This happens a lot on non teaching days.  I got up early on Friday and Saturday and by today, I am wiped.  It is weird how this happens.  I am feeling a bit weak today.  Perhaps a rest may help it.  I will try shortly.

I called my brother to wish him Happy Father's Day, as I expected I had to leave a message.  He rarely, if ever, answers the phone unless he absolutely has too.  I remember being shocked when i called and told him about mom dying.  I think he answered the phone because it was early for him and I never call him early as I am not usually up.  I think about that day every so often, it isn't as often as it used to be.  This would be the day Mom would get her tools and things like that for Father's Day as she was both mother and father by the time I was 9.  I remember at school near the end of the year we were doing a project for father's day.  I came home and cried because my dad had left us so I said I didn't want to do the project.  Mom said to make it for her because she was doing both jobs now.  That made me smile and from then on, I celebrated both Mother's Day and Father's Day with mom.  My brother is a good Dad.  He does everything with his kids that he wishes Dad had done for us.  I love watching him play with his kids.  They are so cute too.  Abigail is almost 12 and William is 10.  I miss them a lot since they live very far away from me.

Next week will be a good week as far as teaching is concerned.  I have rescheduled Breanna for Thursday since it is my other brother's graduation.  I am going now that I have most of the information I need including his new phone number.  I anticipate being very busy most of the week, but that is okay.  I don't mind!  I love being busy!  I am almost done with the Anne of Green Gables books again.  I am on number 6, Anne of Ingleside.  I love these books so much.  i am so glad Mom introduced me to them.  Mom really knew how to pick books that I would like!  She was such a great Mom.  I miss her a lot.

I do hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the Father's Day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I did okay yesterday and today.  Yesterday I knew that I would have fast food because I was going to pick up my friend, Donna and we were heading to lunch.  Because I can't have ice berg lettuce, I couldn't get a salad, which is what i would have preferred.  We went to McDonald's this time instead of Burger King.  I got a quarter pounder with cheese and a drink.  She did get fries and I did eat a few but I did not get any for me so I didn't have as many as I did a week ago.  Today I had Chipotle for dinner.  I love the fresh veggies you get with the burrito bowls.  It is very yummy.  Tomorrow I don't have any lessons so I will do some housework that needs to be done and plan my meals for the week.  I will make the plans and then put the menu on the fridge.  I am working on planning ahead.  I am working on this new plan.  So far I think I have done pretty well.  I am also going to look at the family room so I can plan out where my elliptical machine will go when the room is finished.

I have decided that I am not going to be weighing myself a lot.  Because I want it to be a lifestyle not a diet.  I have been on every diet that exists, I think.  I am not going to be on another diet because, for me, they don't work and I feel deprived even if I am not.  I do use the foodmover from Richard Simmons because it makes sure that I have the correct amount of each food group.  I have a tendency not to do that.  I often eat more protein than recommended and sometimes more bread.  I have worked on not eating so much bread.  I love bread, especially fresh baked bread.  I don't need butter or anything on it to eat.  I have planned a trip a week to get fresh bagels from Tim Horton's.  I won't buy more than what I will eat that day.  That would defeat my plan.  So far, I have been somewhat on my plan.  I figure it will take a few weeks for the new plan to set in since I do have some very bad habits.  I have gotten in the habit of getting fast food for brunch everyday.  That has stopped.  One, I can't really afford it and two, well I am positive it has added to my weight gain.  I have much to lose.  So far the first week has been pretty good.  I look forward to the next week with my new menu.

I hope you are having a good day too.


8 long months

It has been 8 long months since Momma passed away.  Sometimes, it seems like yesterday that she was here with me, sitting next to me, smiling for me, but others is seems like forever.  This last year has been a pretty bad year, with Momma slowly going away from me to her going to Heaven without me.  I am thankful that I am living in our house though and I have lots of pictures to look at and they make me smile. I also have fun memories that I wish my brothers had.  They didn't see her too much the last 10 years of her life, really especially the last 5 but I did.  I have the day to day memories that they don't have too.  Yet, I would do almost anything to have her still with me, even with the Alzheimer's.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about her either.  My favorite month of the year was October, but now I hate it since that is the month she passed away.  I didn't know it was possible to miss someone so much!  I feel like I miss her twice over, once for the mother she was before Alzheimer's and the other for the mother she became with Alzheimer's.  I miss them both.

Today is the type of day that we would go for a scooter.  Mom would walk beside me and I would ride my little scooter.  We would go for a couple of miles then come home.  She loved the sunshine!  If the sun was shining, so was she.  She loved to work in the garden.  When I was younger she made these homemade knee pads to work in the garden.  I have a funny picture of her wearing them.  I used to tease her so much about them that she threatened to make me a pair.  I just laughed.  Momma knew I did not like working in the garden, especially weeding.  That was my punishment when I was small besides sitting on a chair and thinking about whatever I did wrong.  Momma would say do you want to do some weeding?  That usually straightened me right up!  I think Mom and I had a lot in common.  We both liked musicals, sewing, the same movies, the same cartoons, the same love for almost anything Disney (although she loved Donald best and I love Winnie the Pooh best).  We just had a lot in common.  I remember when she would ask who wanted to go with her to the store (like we really had a choice, but it felt so nice to think we did!) and my brothers and I would come running with I do, I do's!  You never knew what going out would bring.  Sometimes it was just a trip to the store but other times it would be a surprise to a movie or a park or something fun.  With Momma, you just never knew.  That was the kind of mom I would have liked to be.  I am that way being an aunt though and that is good enough now.  Mom loved to take us camping too, in a tent.  Yes, it is hard to imagine but the I hate to get dirty girl (me!) loved camping.  I loved helping to put up a tent and to make the campfire.  I just loved camping with Mom.  One time we took my cousins Samantha and Justice camping with my friend Laura too.  It was just so much fun.  I had a beautiful big 12 X 9 cabin type tent that was perfect for us.  One summer we even lived in a tent, well 2, one for sleeping and one for the kitchen while Mom worked at the summer camp.  It was a good time.  Mom never let us know how hard that summer was for her.  She made it fun for us so we wouldn't miss our Dad who decided he no longer wanted to be a husband or a dad.  She made the transition to one parent for us easy.  Momma would talk to us about it and we became a team.  That was her word for it, we were a team and teams stick together.  Now I think about how I made Mom and I become a team when she started to get sick and needed more help.  I just did what she did.  I helped her but I truly hope that I made her feel important.  I still spoke to her with important things, I knew she wouldn't remember, but I wanted to include her.  She still had opinions even until the very end.  She may not remember from one minute to the other, but underneath she was still Momma.

Here are some pictures:

The top one is of Momma, Andrew, and I in Algonquin park in Ontario in 1974.  I was 6 and Andrew was 5.  The bottom one is from Kathy's Wedding in November 1996.  I was one of the maid of honors.  One of the best days for Momma and me.  Kathy getting married.  I was so excited about that.

I do hope this finds you doing well and in less pain if you have any!  Despite it being a sad day, I am doing okay.  The pain isn't too bad for a change (at least so far!) and I have a lesson to look forward to in about 20 minutes!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Wonderful Evening!

It was game night at the Bowman-Tomlinson house tonight after dinner and lessons!  I had a ball, it was simply wonderful!  We had lessons at their place instead of here because Heather B-T's van was in the shop and she had no way to bring them over.  It was not a problem at all.  It really wasn't.  It is an 8 minute drive to her house from here so it isn't a long drive at all.  Calli started her very first Italian Song.  She did quite well for the first time.  I was very pleased.  Acer is doing well with his Fur Elise (arranged for his little hands) too.  He really is so cute and so musical.  He is gifted beyond belief, he just really is.  Calli is gifted with a beautiful range, over 3 octaves, she is ONLY 11, can you just imagine what she will have when her voice matures more?  She has a more mature voice than a usual 11 year old which is why we started today.  She and I chatted about it last week and a few weeks ago and we both came to the conclusion that she is ready.  The only obstacle we have come across is the rolled R.  Because Calli's first language is Chinese and there is no R much less a rolled one she does have a problem with that.  I talked her dad to see if he had a better way to explain it to her than me, so maybe that will help her.  I don't know how to tell her how to roll the R.  But I am confident that eventually Calli will get it, we will keep working on it together.  She also grew a bit again.  She is now up to 1/2 way in my forehead.  Only a few more inches and I will be looking up at her!  Acer was so excited when he won the game.  I love the look on his face, it just shined and glowed.  It was just so fun to spend the evening with their family, it really was.

I also had a really good afternoon.  I went and picked up Donna for lunch.  She treated me.  I just love her.  She is such a good friend.  I can tell her anything, simply anything.  i often ask her opinion if I need an opinion of something.  Because she is older than me (okay, her kids are only a year younger than me) I look to her experience to help me if I need it.  We went to the bank and paid the house payment on time thanks to her.  I will pay her back this coming week when my take lessons money comes in.  What a life saver.  I have a new plan, well a new order of paying bills so this will hopefully not happen again.  Anyways, it has been paid so I am glad about that.  So after that we went to lunch and had a lovely chat. her daughter is going through so issues right now so we talked about that.  When things calm down then her granddaughter will take piano from me.  Her grandchildren are so sweet.  Emily is 6 and Santiago is 2, the oldest, Samantha is 18.  She just graduated from high school.  We also discussed my plans for the house and for the summer.  They live near her so she gets to see them quite often.  I am glad they moved closer to Donna.  I know how she dotes on the grandchildren.

Tomorrow will be a little busy with Katie's lesson at 12 noon and Rick at 2 pm.  I am looking forward to the lessons.  Afterwards I am planning to go and get Elizabeth, the newest young student starting next week, her books and flash cards.  I have Laith's books already.

All in all, I would say this has been one of the best days in the last year.  I really enjoyed it.  I could relive this one again.  Many days in the past year I couldn't but this one I could.  It was as fun as the days Momma and I used to have together.  The only slight downer, is that the pain is a bit higher tonight than usual, but I have since taken some pain pills so that is good.  I do hope your day went well too!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the quietest day so far this week

I have no lessons for today and the phone has been quiet too.  I don't mind.  Some days I just need a silent day to relax and get a few things done.  I am looking forward to tomorrow as I will be picking up my friend, Donna and going to lunch.  She is such a wonderful lady.  I know I have mentioned her before.  I miscalculated my bills this month and I am short $25 for the house payment.  Part of this is because Carson dropped to one lesson and Breanna is absent again today.  That would have brought me to the full payment.  I have a new strategy for paying the house bill so that I am no longer waiting until the 17th to pay.  I will pay right away and some of the other bills that have more time will be paid later.  Everything will get paid, I just am a bit stuck right now and I don't want to pay the house payment late so Donna offered to loan me the $25 so it won't be late.  I will be able to pay her back by the end of the month.  Living lesson to lesson can be stressful but I am doing pretty well  with it.  I just have to rearrange when I pay a few bills and then I will be fine.

I am thankful for the students I have and I have 3 new ones from the new company starting next week.  These ones seem like they have a better chance of staying.  One, they are NOT adults, they are children (who tend to actually stay with lessons) and they all seem to live near me which is also another issue I have had with the new company.  I have lost a few students because they live farther away from me than they thought and with traffic it takes much longer than the parents thought to get here.  These three new ones said they live right near by so that is wonderful.  I have to pick up some books for the one of the students, I have the other students books on Tuesday or Monday before the lessons.  They will pay me back at the lesson.  I am anxious to see how next week starts.  I have 13 regular weekly students now.  That will be wonderful!  I am also to the point where I can't take anymore (but not quite!) because of the disability and my health.  I can't teach the 60 lessons I used to.  i just am not healthy enough, but I can handle a few more if they are spread out over the week as some days I still only have 1 or 2 lessons.  I can handle about 4 each day then I am not super tired, just happy tired.

My cousin, Hayley ordered a few things from one of her suppliers and it just arrived.  I get nervous now when someone is at the door in case it is Jose.  However, should he come back over, he is not welcomed anymore.  It makes me sad because he was Mom's friend, or did she just be nice to him because they worked at the same plant?  I wonder now but either way, he is not being friendly to me, he is being a predator and I won't put up with it.  I have never been nervous of someone coming to the door until now.  How sad that I have to be.  I have my plan and I will put it into action should I need to.

I hope Hayley comes in a couple of weeks to get her things so I can see her.  Maybe we can even go to lunch or something like that.  I would really like that.  I didn't get nearly enough time with her this past Sunday, but I will take what I can get!

I woke with a bad headache earlier this morning so I came down and took some pain pills and it seems to have made it go back to the regular headache.  My left arm is a bit sorer than usual, but other than that, the pain levels are all about the usual pains.  I am missing Mom a bit more than usual as it is a quiet day and these are the type of days we would go and see a movie for the afternoon.  Hm, maybe I should see a movie, the new pirate one is out and I want to see that.  I have a gift card so it isn't like I need cash (thank goodness since I don't have any!)  I will check the times and see.  This would be a good day for that.

I do hope you are having a good day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I had my blood test this afternoon.  Apparently at the doctor's office now on Wednesday they close early so whoever scheduled my blood test must not have known that.  They did call while I was sleeping, but I didn't answer, as I was sleeping!  They wanted me to come in early.  I didn't because I didn't get the message until I was ready to go.  So now I know that on Wednesdays, the office closes at 12 noon.  I won't make my appointments for Wednesday then.  I will get the results tomorrow sometime.

Breanna isn't having her lesson again tomorrow.  She isn't done with school yet, I guess.  I miss my Breanna, it has been a whole month now since I last saw her!  Ugh!  I need my Breanna!  I miss her.  Hopefully she will finish all her school work and be done so she can have a lesson next week.  I miss my students when I don't have them on a regular basis, it is just the way I am.

Jose called and left a message.  You will love this one.  He wanted to know if I would sing at his wife's funeral.  I called back and said NO.  Why would I want to sing at that hate filled woman's funeral?  She HATED my mother and me so to sing at her funeral is just a big NO.  He has nerve, I will give him that.  Asking me to sing at a person's funeral who didn't like me or my mother and accused my mother of having an affair with her husband?  Yeah, right, that is just wrong on so many levels.  He commented that he wanted to come over on Saturday to do some work.  I said I was super busy on Saturday.  I have 3 lessons but I don't want him over.  I have been screening his calls and will continue to do so.  I don't ever want to see him again.  I really don't and he doesn't get it.  I will be blunt if he comes over (he always comes unannounced and unexpected) and tell him to leave that he is not welcomed in my house.

Anyways, I have the wonderful Carson this afternoon in about 30 minutes for his 2 lessons.  He takes both piano and voice.  He is so cute.  He is 8 years old and will be a 3rd grader now.  I have 2 new vocal songs for the young man.  He is learning how to read music now and is doing a pretty good job of it.  I also have Beth, my lovely adult singer.  I shall find out if she got in the chorus of the musical she tried out for on Sunday.  I really hope so.  She knew her music and has a decent voice.  She was so excited about trying out for the play.  I said some prayers on Sunday for her.

My handsome young man, Carson, arrived early for his lesson.  He is not going to continue with piano right now, just vocal, which is fine with me.  Maybe in the fall he will start up again. Who knows?  Whatever works for him, works for me.  Carson will probably change his time for lessons for the summer so he can have more time to play!!!  You know how boys want to play, play, play!  I don't blame him one bit!  I would want to play a lot too if I was his age!  He is excited as tomorrow is his last day of 2nd grade.  There will be 3 birthday treats for the students who have summer birthdays.  I like how he says all the kids in his class are his friends, that is just so nice of him to think like that.  Next year his little brother will also be attending his school as a nursery schooler.  His brother is 3, I think.  How cool is that?

It is simply beautiful out today.  No sign of rain, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.  It has been a good day so far.  I spoke to a friend I haven't seen in a long time, Mike.  He used to work for me at the store.  One of the girls from the store (and a former student of mine!) is getting married in September.  I called to see if Mike would be interested in attending the wedding with me.  He said sure, he would love to watch Jessie get married.  I am so happy for her.  She is a wonderful young woman.  I have known her most of her life now.  She and I are going to get together shortly to hang out and just catch up on life!  I look forward to it.  I really do.  I know she would be happy that Mike is coming too.  She really liked working with him.  I was thinking of asking Oliver or Phoebe, but I thought, Mike would be better.  It shall be a great wedding.  I am excited about it.  I also hope to see her sister, Katie soon too.  Katie is going to be a paramedic.  She is almost done with school too.  I simply love both those girls!  I just don't see them enough.  I really don't.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I really am.  I was a bit tired earlier, but now I seem to be okay.  I have one more lesson left so that will end my day nicely!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

another June Day

It is very nice out again today without any rain!!!  My flowers that I got from Rachel are apparently Impatience.  I really like them.  They sit on my front porch.  When they droop I know it is time to water otherwise I am clueless.  The sit on the edge of the porch (it is a very, very small porch) and I think it looks nice.  So far the girl with the black thumb (that would be me!) has managed to keep the flowers alive.

Tomorrow I have a blood test.  My blood was not in therapeutic range last week so I have to be checked again tomorrow.  It is not fun, but I will do it.  I hope to get it over and done with quickly.  Being right after lunch should help.  I plan to arrive early a bit so that I can get in on time.

I spoke to Kathy today.  I sent her the info for our new blog yesterday so I would think shortly she will go and write a post.  They will be super busy in the next couple of weeks though, so whenever she can write a post works for me!  I would definitely say I have much more free time than she does.

Last night a family member mentioned to me that she thinks I am in a depression.  I tend to disagree.  It has only been 8 months since I lost my mother.  I do agree I have gained weight in the last two years but I don't think I am depressed.  I go and see my friends, I teach my lessons, and I do things that I enjoy.  Am I sad?  Overall, yes, I am sad that I lost my Mom.  We were very close.  I think in the overall picture I am doing all right.  I do need something more to occupy my time and I am looking into other things to do.  I do have a few more lessons than I did last month so I am very excited about that.  I met my friend, Robin for lunch today and Friday I am picking up Donna for a nice visit so I do go out and see people.  I don't know, maybe I am just not seeing this.  What do you think?  I am missing something here?  I am working through my grief, which is a lot like most people.

Jose left a message last night.  I am ignoring his calls at this point and praying he doesn't stop by.  You see, he doesn't do what normal people do, which is call before they come over, no he just comes over and you're shocked to see him.  Next time this happens I will let him know that I am super busy and can't visit right now.  In this day and age, I would not just drop by someone's house without letting the person know I am coming.

It has been a good day.  i spoke to several friends, I may also have another new student (one not from the new company) so all in all a good day!  I do hope your day is going well too!

Monday, June 13, 2011

new blog

Hi Friends!!!!

My friend, Kathy and I are beginning a blog that will follow our journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight. We both think that this would be a neat way to do this because we both can write in the blog!  Please come and check it out!  If you have any tips or advice for us, please tell us!!!!  We are both really serious about this journey!

I hope you are having a great day!

Sunny Day

It is nice and sunny out today.  It makes me smile!!!  I did have the appointment with the arthritis doctor this morning (well, by the time I actually got to see her it was afternoon).  The x-rays just show a bit more arthritis than a few years before and the blood tests are normal so all in all, nothing unexpected, which I suspected as she didn't call me when the results came in.  She also wants me to add 2 tramodol in the afternoon and 1/2 the dosage of the Meloxicam.  She is hoping that the addition of the tramodol will help me get rid of the Meloxicam.  The problem with the meloxicam is that I also have to take coumiden, the blood thinner medicine because of my blood disorder.  Meloxicam can can bleeding and with the coumiden, it raises the risk really high for bleeding.  However, without the Meloxicam, it is very difficult to walk in the evening.  by 6:00 or so, I am in so much pain, I can barely get out of a chair so I continue to take it even though I know the risk.  I have been very vigilant with watching for any signs of bleeding and I haven't had any problems with it yet.  I am trying her suggestion of adding the 2 pain pills in the afternoon and lower the Meloxicam by 1/2.  I did do that starting today.  I will see how these things work.  Hey, if it does, awesome!  If not, well, I will go back to what I was doing.

I talked to my friend, Donna, today.  She and I had a very good conversation.  Then I also had Bob's lesson as it is a Monday!  He is doing very well.  I had him bring his Hanon exercise book back so we can do some.  I know he has already done most of the book, but I think at this point revisiting some of the exercises will make his fingers more agile and really help with speed of the runs.  He agreed with my assessment and has absolutely no problem redoing the book.  His Clementi Sonatina is really coming along and we started the last page of the Mozart Sonata this afternoon.  All in all, I must say I am very pleased with his progress.  I have Emily later this evening.  She too, is doing very well.  She is just learning to read notes and is doing quite well with her flash cards.  The fact that she is super cute helps too.

Kathy, my best friend's son turned 13 today.  I had to call and ask how she felt now that she is the Mom of a teenager.  He really is a very good young man.  He is on a school field trip to Cedar Point today.  What a way to spend your birthday!  She had a horrible headache yesterday and is feeling a bit better today, but still under the weather.  She totally has my sympathy and my empathy!  I certainly know how bad heads can ache!

I talked to my friend Georgette this afternoon too.  I needed some advice to deal with the inappropriateness of Jose's behavior yesterday and Saturday too.  I know have a plan that makes me feel like I will be in charge of any situation that comes up.  I am hoping not to have to put it in place, but if I must I will.  I still plan to screen the phone this week, that is for sure.  I feel much more confident about this now.  Thank goodness for good friends, and for Barb who also gave me advice yesterday too.  I didn't expect this from a family friend.  I have known him since I was in my teens.  It is just too much and should it be necessary, I will take action.  So anyways, I feel much better over these incidents now.

I was supposed to go to lunch with Georgette today, but because I got out of the doctor so late, we have to reschedule it.  I am bummed, but I did have a nice long talk with her as I have already mentioned.

It is simply wonderful outside right now.  My baby birds are popping their heads up right now so I can't take any pictures.  As soon as they do, I will definitely post a picture.  I just love them!  I think there are three of them in there.  I saw the Momma bird yesterday, what a pretty bird.  Not as magnificent as the Poppa bird, but still very pretty.  She was white with brown spots on her tummy.  I do hope this finds you doing well and having a great day!  I am having a good day and am anticipating another good lesson with the lovely Emily.  I have 2 lessons tomorrow, 2 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday (although she takes 2 lessons), 2 on Friday, and 2 on Saturday.  I think Sunday I am going to take Donna out for the afternoon since I have no lessons and I want to give her back her books.  I also want to loan her a DVD that I know she will adore.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A busy day!

I got to see my cousins, Hayley and Justice, this afternoon.  They stopped by to pick a few packages that they had ordered.  Then Rick had his lesson and after that was a Michigan Music Association meeting.  We were discussing deadlines and jobs for the competition 2012.  I will be helping with the luncheon this year. I think it will be fun.  A couple of teachers weren't at the meeting so Diane is going to ask them about what they will do for the competition.  It will be a good year, I think.

Jose was over again today.  He put one door up for me in the furnace room.  I am thankful for that.  However, I was a bit uncomfortable tonight with him here because he was staring at me.  I don't like that.  I don't like being stared at.  I have had enough being stared at when I was young.  I asked him to stop and he really didn't.  He doesn't think anything is wrong staring at me even if I don't like it.  I am not sure I will be available the next time he calls.  He says he was staring at me because I am beautiful.  Well, I don't care because I still don't like being stared at.  He doesn't seem to care that I don't like it.  How rude if you ask me and very disrespectful.  I don't appreciate being stared at no matter whatever the reason he says.  If the person doesn't want to be stared at, just stop it.  It is very simple.  I know he is going through a rough time, I know it is hard watching someone you love die.  That doesn't give you the right to stare at someone who doesn't like it.  His wife is dying, I know but that doesn't mean he should be disrespectful to me by staring. Anyways, I hope he is busy for the next few weeks and forgets about me.  I really do.

It started out as a good day and then ended not so good.  I was very uncomfortable and irritated the last hour of Jose's visit.  I hope to never go through that again.  I am glad that today is over though.  I am tired now.  I do hope to get a good night (well, as good as I get) sleep.  I get my test results tomorrow from the x-ray and the blood test.  I hope you have a good night.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

a bit of a different day

Normally, on a Saturday, I teach lessons, but this week I didn't have any students so no lessons.  Mom's friend Jose called earlier in the week and wanted to talk to me and take me to lunch.  Generally, I avoid his calls because he always comments on my weight, or at least he used too.  He didn't today or the other day.  he has finally, it seems anyways, understood that I am not going to be his work out buddy.  Yes, I need the exercise, but this is a very fit man who works out like 3 hours a day.  That is so not me.  I am lucky if I can do a few minutes much less 3 hours.  His wife is very ill and he had some questions about hospice.  It appears that she is going to be heading into the hospice unit at the hospital.  I feel bad for him because I know how hard it is to watch someone die.  She has been ill for about 27 or so years at this point.  She also has been giving the hospital a hard time about her dialysis (she is diabetic and her kidneys have shut down on her).  The doctor basically said you don't want to go, we won't make you, but you will be gone very quickly so she grudgingly went.  I don't personally understand that as if you have to do it, you have to do it.  Saying you don't want to when it is time to go isn't going to make you any better.  He seemed like he was at peace with what is going on.  I know he misses my mom a lot and that he is going to miss Dorothy but I think he at one time, imagined that when Dorothy was gone he would have a life with my mother.  Well, that isn't going to happen now as Mom is already gone.  I probably won't see him again for a while.  He only pops in every so often.  That works for me.

I don't have any other plans for the evening.  I am a bit tired now and will probably go to bed early again.  I actually had a semi okay night of sleep last night and I am hoping for a repeat.  My cousins may come over tomorrow before my lesson so they can pick up their stuff that they ordered.  I think they plan to be here around 1 ish tomorrow so I will be up around 12:30 ish.  This will give me plenty of time to get organized and have breakfast before they arrive.  I also have a lovely meeting that I am looking forward to tomorrow.  That will be awesome!  I don't mind going to MMA meetings.  I actually look forward to it.

The three baby Robins that live above my front porch light are getting bigger.  They are so cute!  Usually you can only see 2 of them, but there are three.  The third just hides a bit at times.  I did learn an important lesson this year about nests.  Remove the old one in the fall when the birds are gone because next year they will just build on top of the old one!  Well, if they do that next year, there is no where to build!  i will be sure to have the nest removed before winter.  I love baby birds!  We have had a nest above our front porch light since I was small.  I have no idea when they started nesting there but we have had Robins there my whole life and I just love it.  Only one year did they not come and that was because a big old wind storm destroyed the nest before the babies were born.  The next year, they were back.

Only about a month before the next and last Harry Potter movie comes out.  *sigh*  I love Harry Potter! I am anxiously awaiting this movie but will not subject myself to the midnight showing.  1 - I would not probably stay awake to see it and 2 - it would be super crowded and that just doesn't sound appealing to me.  I will go with my Muglia girls a few weeks after it has come out and we will go during the day during the week so it won't be as crowded.  I only wish Mom had lived long enough to see all the Harry Potters.  Of course, I wish she were here for so many reasons!  I just miss her so much.  Mom loved Harry Potter.  i remember when I was in the hospital with my blood clot.  (Apparently, I nearly died with this one, hm)  She was visiting me and I was quite out of it so she brought a book for me to read.  She just grabbed the nearest book on my book shelf in my room and it was the first Harry Potter.  Momma started reading to me.  When the lady who was in the bed next to mine was discharged from the hospital, she asked Momma what book she was reading to me and who it was by so she could go and get it.  She wanted to know what happened.  I gave her the info.  I told her it was a children's book but the whole series so far was wonderful.  I think about that lady every time I start the Harry Potter series again.  I also think of Mom because she loved Harry Potter and the movies.  She did finish reading the first book but never did start the next because that was when the Alzheimer's was really starting to affect her.

Anyways, this has become a chapter in a book!  I do hope you are having a good day too.

Friday, June 10, 2011

it's a Friday!

I had Calli and Acer's lessons today.  Acer is so cute.  I told him what song we were going to play and he was like, no I don't want to play that song.  I quickly switched gears and we went with the song called the Donkey.  It is a cute piece and he plays both hands at the same time with more than 1 note in the left hand. We were going to work on his version of Fur Elise but they accidentally left it at home along with one of Calli's books for voice.  Calli is going to start working on some Italian Art song next week.  We are starting the lighter classical music since I think she is ready.  Her voice is quite mature for an 11 year old.  She has an amazing range too.  She can sing higher than any of my students.  I am quite pleased with how well she is doing and Acer too.  I look forward to Fridays.

Other than those two lessons, I don't have anything else going on.  I couldn't sleep last night.  I think I fell asleep after 3 am.  I was reading until about 2:30 because I couldn't sleep.  Just one of those things.  I don't have any lessons tomorrow so I am going to do some housework.  That is the plan.  I want to vacuum and scrub the floor in the dining room, kitchen, and utility room.  I am not sure if my cousin is coming by to pick up her packages or not.  I also need to type the minutes from the last meeting for the meeting on Sunday.  We have a Michigan Music Association meeting on Sunday.  It shall be fun.  We will starting the planning of next years competition.  That will be rather cool.  I am on the Executive Board this year.  i am the assistant secretary/treasurer.  It is a nice position.  I will find out on Sunday to find out what I will be doing during the competition this year.

It has been a good day today.  It has been cooler and rainy but it is a nice change from the super hot and humid that we had most of the week.  I do hope you are having a good day too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

another hot day

I know I wanted warmer weather, but did we have to skip spring weather?  It seems to me we went straight from winter to summer weather.  I love spring weather and fall weather, I ache in summer and winter weather.  If it is extremely hot or extremely cold, I am an aching girl.  Although, I will admit that I am loving the sunshine we are having!  I received a plant in a pot (huge, simply huge!) and it sits on my front porch.  This afternoon when I went out it looked like it is dying.  I came home and watered it and it revived itself.  I do not know how much to water it so I guess when it looks like it is dying, it is time to water.  Other than that I have no idea how much to water.  It is so huge that I watered it with a 2 litre diet coke bottle.  (I rinsed it first)  It used all the water and there wasn't any water on the ground so I guess that was enough.

I STILL don't have my pain pills.  I am calling the doctor again tomorrow to see if the doctor has authorized the refill yet.  I really need this.  Tylenol is doing just okay, nothing great so I am in more pain than usual because of this.  I will be strong and be happy when I get the refills.  From now on I will order a refill one week before the bottle is empty from now on.  I will be more vigilant on these refills from now on.

It was a decent day despite the extra pain.  Carson had his lessons.  He takes both piano and voice and let me tell you, the hour flies by.  He is such a great kid.  He is learning his treble clef notes this week.  He did bass clef notes last week.  He will be getting some new voice songs too next week as he needs some new ones.  I am going to be looking through my books to see what ones to give him.  He does so well.  His idol is Michael Jackson when he was with the Jackson 5.  He loves that music so I will hopefully be able to get some of the Jackson 5 music this summer.  I am not sure because I don't have a lot of money to buy new music.  Beth also had her lesson today too.  She is auditioning for the Music Man this weekend at her local Community Theatre.  She is ready.  She knows the two pieces that they required.  We worked on her breathing tonight.  She was lying on the floor singing and was surprised at how much louder she was.  She breathes (like most people) backwards.  When you breathe in, your tummy goes out filling with air, when you breath out, your tummy goes in, releasing the air.  Most people really only breathe with their shoulders which doesn't use all of your lung capacity.  It is the hardest thing to teach sometimes.

Tomorrow I have no lessons because Breanna is still working on finishing up her schoolwork for the year.  She has to have it all done by next week.  This is the 3rd week she hasn't had lessons and I miss her.  I totally understand that she needs to finish her work but still, I miss my Breanna!  I get used to having my students week to week and I miss them when they miss.

I don't know exactly what I will do tomorrow since I don't have lessons.  I do wish Kathy and I lived near each other because I know exactly how I would spend the day if we did!  I would be with her!!!  and her kids!!!!  They are finished with school I think, this coming Monday.  Seems like a weird day to be ending school but Charlie is finishing on a Monday too.  It is just weird.  I think the schools in my area get out next week but i am not sure.

I thought this Sunday was father's day, but apparently it is next week.  I have a week to send Richard a card and his gift so I am glad that I have an extra week.  I hope to talk to him on Father's Day too.  Other than speaking to Richard on Father's Day I don't have any plans on that day.  This week on Sunday, I have Rick's lesson and then a MMA meeting.  I look forward to MMA meetings because they are fun.  I have to type out the minutes from the last meeting.  I haven't done it as of yet, but I will before Sunday.

I do hope you are having a good day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have a bad headache today.  I have had it most of the day.  I also had 2 new students.  It looks the adult, Angela, is going to only take lessons for about 4 weeks.  This is not a big surprise.  Most adults don't even last that long.  She does want to learn to sing on pitch better and breathing.  Those things I can help her with.  The other new student seems to be one that will last much longer.  Her name is Rachel and she is 5 years old.  She has just finished Kindergarten and she is super adorable.  She is so tiny.  Rachel is blond and just so cute.  Her hands are very tiny too but she did very well for her first lesson.  Her grandmother clapped at the end of her first song.  Rachel was so proud of herself.  I was very pleased for her.

Charlie had his lesson too.  He forgot that one of his exercises was actually 2 pages so he didn't practice the 2nd page.  I remember doing that once in when I was in school.  I didn't do that very often after the first time though.  I realized today that he is going to be a senior already.  Yeah, that went fast, super fast.  I am not prepared for him to be a senior but he will be.  *sigh*  They all grow so fast.  It just isn't fair.

I think I am heading to bed a bit early as this headache is pretty bad.  I am completely out of regular pain pills so I am left with Tylenol.  That isn't going to help to much.  I talked to the doctor's office today and they just found the request in the computer for the pain pills refill.  The secretary said they were a bit behind.  A little?  How about over a week.  I am in a lot of pain and the pharmacy will not give emergency refill for pain pills so I am out of luck until they refill it, which I do hope will be tomorrow as I can't go through many more days without the proper medicine.  I have to have the protime blood test redone next week.  My dosage also has changed as usual because of the weather.  Blood is naturally thinner in the hotter weather and thicker in the colder weather.  I don't want to get my blood test again next week but I will.  I do hope that my refill is filled tomorrow.  I am sick of the extra pain because of no medicine.

NCIS Los Angeles is on.  I missed NCIS because it was a rerun so I flipped channels only to discover I should not have ignored the letter from WOW stating that I need an HD something for my cable.  I did not order it right away.  I did order it a few days ago but it takes a while to get it until then, no more HGTV or Lifetime or any channel about 25.  Yuck.  I do hope it arrives this week and not next week as Sunday is the season finale of Army Wives!  It is bad enough I missed last night's episode, but I can't miss that one too.  I will be upset and heartbroken!  I should be able to watch it online though if I have too.  My Aggie can talk me through how to do that as I have never watched anything online.

It has been an interesting day.  2 new students, one who will most likely disappear at the end of the 4 weeks.  As long as she gives me back my books that is all that matters.  I will copy the songs we did this week for her.  The CDs I want back, at least the Princess CD one.  I can't replace it too well since I bought it in Disney.  The pain level is higher than usual due to no pain pills.  Tylenol is barely taking the edge of the pain off and isn't denting the headache.  I am hoping I get some sleep tonight.  I slept sort of last night so I am hoping for a better night.

I do hope you are having a good day.

Monday, June 6, 2011


It has been a good day so far.  I had Bob's lessons and Emily's.  I also FINALLY got a hold of the newest student's Mom.  It only took like 4 days but I finally spoke to her this afternoon.  I picked up both Rachel's and Laith's piano books and flashcards.  I almost forgot that Rachel is starting tomorrow.  She is 6 and just finished Kindergarten.  She is very excited and so am I.  I had a nice chat with her grandmother who will be bringing her.  She knows about where I live so that isn't going to be a worry.  That is good because the last couple of new students got lost getting to my house.  I also have a new adult tomorrow for singing lessons.  We shall see how this one goes.  I am going to copy some music for the her tomorrow afternoon after Rachel's lesson.  Thank goodness for my scanner/copier/printer.  I am really happy with it.  I am so glad that I got it when i did.

I ordered the concert I saw last night on PBS.  Walmart online had the DVD whereas Amazon only had the Blue ray and I don't have a Blue Ray player so I got the DVD from Walmart.  The best part?  It was on SALE!  I got it for $10 less than the regular price, talk about a happy bonus!  They don't have a CD of the concert so that was a bummer, but I am happy they made a DVD of it.  I could have bought it last night from PBS but it would have been super expensive since they were part of the gifts for donating.  I wasn't planning to donate to PBS as I didn't have a spare $75 to get the DVD, I figured I would order it from Amazon or someplace like that.

I am watching a new TV show on HGTV.  It is called My Yard Goes Disney.  What they do is they create a Disney style backyard!  There is a train station, Mickey Hat, a Tinkerbell bird cage/swing, and a tea cup.  It is something we would have loved to have this type thing as children.  I know we all would have.  My brothers and I are all Disney fanatics and so are Richard's children and wife.  We are definitely Disney fans.  Mom and I have been there 13 times.  Yup, we win so far with who has been there the most although Richard is coming up close.  I would like a yard like this.  Our yard is not big enough and it is a weird shape, but I would love Disney added to it.  Mom made sure we had a cool backyard when we were kids, but it wasn't as Disney one like this one.  We had a pool, jungle gym set, swing set, slides, and sand boxes.  There was always a cover on our sand boxes to keep the sand nice and no gross stuff in it.  Our backyard was the place to be in the neighborhood.

I am pretty tired today.  I hope I sleep better tonight like I did last night.  I slept a lot last night, I think because I did not sleep at all the night before.  I had to run to the store after Emily's lesson for both the piano books I need tomorrow and for milk and sleep medicine.  I did pick up a 12 can box of pop because I do like it and I do drink a lot of water all day long so I treat myself to decaffeinated pop at night.  No caffeine because that would add to the no sleeping at night.  I need to sleep.  When I don't sleep at all I have more pain the next day.  I need the sleep to help calm the pain so caffeinated pop would be horrible.

All in all it has been a quiet teaching day.  I didn't have my usual Muglia girls although it is the beginning of the month because their mother, Laura, has been very ill.  She was rushed to the hospital a week ago Friday because something was terribly wrong.  They found out she had a artery burst near her intestine.  They quickly did a procedure and she went to ICU.  She is home now and it was a very close call.  She will recover, but it will be slow so we are planning to have piano lessons next month the week after July 4.  That gives her 6 weeks to heal, which I hope she does.  She also has a newborn.  Thomas was born May 23, but with 8 older kids, she does have help, plus all us friends and her family.  I miss my girls though.  The older 4 girls take piano, with Sarah, the 7 year old, just starting to learn.  She has had about 3 lessons and has learned a bit from the older sister, Lydia for the last couple of years so she is doing very well.  Her older 3 sisters have all been playing for about 6 to 7 years so they are pretty advanced.  I need to remember to bring them some new music this next month.  I will write that down.  I just did.

I sent a brief email to the older brother.  I saw a commercial for Disney World and the special pricing it has so I sent him the info.  I know how much he and his family love Disney.  We all can thank Mom for that.  We were introduced to the Disney characters rather early and we were in Magic Kingdom of Disney World  a year after it was opened.  We went in 1973.  The love affair with Disney continues to this day for all of us.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Les Miz

On PBS right now is the concert of Les Miserables, my all time favorite musical.  I have seen it 5 times with the best time being 5th center with my students and my lovely Mother.  I have the soundtrack on CD somewhere.  I am just not sure where it is.  Miss Saigon is another favorite.  I simply love Musicals.  The first live performance I saw was Kiss Me Kate when I turned 10.  It was my birthday present from Mom.  Mom, Andrew, and I went to the local college and so it was awesome.  My favorite character in Les Miz is Eponine.  She is just waiting for love but he loves Colette.  It is a love triangle in the way that both love Marius.  I swear the guy who plays Marius looks just like a Jonas brother.  He really does.  I don't know if it is him or not, but the guy is really good as are all the actors.

I guess I won't be watching Army Wives tonight as this is amazing.  I love this song.   The are singing the finale for the first act, "One Day More".  It is a wonderful finale.  This is what i was working toward when I became too ill to continue.  I was finished with college, had my headshot, and was auditioning.  I had audition for a tour of Meet me in St. Louis.  I had the part if I lost 10 more pounds in one month.  I had recently, at that point, lost about 40 pounds and was quite slim but they needed me to lose 10 more.  The pains had been there for several years but I still could dance although it was getting much harder to do.  By the time the rehearsals started I had to drop out.  The pain was so bad I couldn't dance anymore.  I was almost bed ridden at that time.  It broke my heart to give up the part.  I was playing one of the sisters, the oldest one, Rose.  It was a dream part, but I gave it up.  I would have loved to have been in Les Miz.  Eponine was my absolute favorite character ever.  At times when I am watching this type stuff, it makes me miss performing but I got too sick to perform outside of a few small things here and there.  I haven't been able to dance since 1995 and now it would be impossible (not to mention, I managed to gain a lot of weight since then)  Most of the time, I am not unhappy with how my life turned out, however it is NOT the road I was working toward.  I was going to be on Broadway.  I am happy being a teacher, but it wasn't what I originally wanted to be but thanks to my dance teacher, I became a teacher.  She started me teaching, Mom taught me how to plan lessons, and now I have been teaching since I was 18.  Now, I can't imagine doing anything else.  I just can't.  I do miss performing, but as time goes on, not as much as I used too.

Okay, it is Nick Jonas who is playing Marius!!!  I was right!!!  It is a Jonas brother.  He is spectacular.  He really is.  Also, I missed one of my favorite actresses playing Fantine, Lea Solanga.  She was the original Miss Saigon in Miss Saigon.  She originally played Eponine when she younger now she played Fantine, Cosette's Mother.  Now it is "On My Own".  I love this song too.

Anyways, I had one lesson today.  Rick, my adult singer.  He is doing pretty well.  He practices the Musical Theatre stuff more than the classical although he does really like a couple of songs that we are working on.  since I was awake most of the night again, I took a nap this afternoon.  I was so tired.  I just hope I sleep a bit more tonight.  I really do.

I do hope you are having a good day today.  Back to Les Miz for me!!!!!  "a Little Bit of Rain" Is on right now!