Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back again.  We have finally done with the cycle.  Frank, Rachel, and Katie were here for practice sessions and she calmed down.  I didn't get a chance to take a nap because she was back in the bad cycle again.  It finally stopped after the kids arrived for practice.  Although I freaked when I couldn't find her and she was in the dining room.  Definitely an over reaction.  I calmed down when she went into the living room where we all were.

Tillie is coming over tomorrow.  I have nothing to serve for dinner so we will need to go to the store.  I couldn't find the chicken that is in the freezer.  Where, I do not know.  But after the day I just had, the chicken can go to you know where.  I can get a new chicken or something for tomorrow's dinner.  I have the veggies and the potatoes.  They are the the boxed type.  It will work somehow.

Mom is very calm right now.  It is refreshing.  We shall see how bed time is.  But I pray it is alright because I don't know if I can handle a night like this day.  I begged God to make her night easier and so far it is.  Let's hope it lasts until tomorrow.  I called her friend to see if he could take her for an hour or two, but he never called me back.  Guess he was busy.  I was at my wits ends but then the change of the lessons helped.  We are heading for bed now, it is 9:00 pm and we are both tired, although she isn't sleeping in her chair, just watching Army Wives with me calmly.  I remembered to give her her anxiety medicine at 7:00 pm.  I did give it to her this morning but man, it didn't help at all.  I hope to not have to deal with that again.  And if I do, I hope to handle it with more than tears and upsets.

I hope you have a good night!!  Talk to you tomorrow!

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