Friday, February 12, 2010

We had the meeting with the social worker today. It went well, it lasted about 1 1/2 hours. There were so many questions. I cried at one point, didn't mean too, but I couldn't help it. I also found out that Mom's meds are probably off for her. So Monday I will call her doctor and make an appointment now that she has gone down in the last six weeks. Since Christmas there is such a change in her. If we get the meds right, she will be okay. It took 4 1/2 hours to get her to bed last night. It has been a week from hell with going to bed. Every night has taken so long at least 3 hours. I am keeping her up a little bit later tonight to see if that helps and I will change when I give her her meds. I hope for a better week next week, Mom does not see a screaming crazy daughter at night. I hope she doesn't remember me yelling at her. I also got more info on how to help her with her other issues, the usual ones, bathing, dressing, hallucinations, and stuff like that. I don't mind helping her with most of the stuff, I don't even mind that she is with me always, I do however, mind no sleep. That one has me stumped and makes me not happy. Wish me luck for tonight and hope the changes help.

Sunday is valentines day. I really wanted chocolate (trust me - I DON'T need it) so I gave Mom our chocolate heart kisses to open early. I told her she had to wait for the rest. She said "Okay."

Hayley will be stopping by on her way to vacation tonight with her daughter, Justice. She has some packages to pick up. I get excited when her packages are picked up because she always shows me the stuff she orders. She is a very talented crafter.

I hope your day is good and your evening better. Olympics start today! Yeah!


  1. Glad you had a good visit with the social worker and that she gave you some good insite and medicine suggestions.

    I am sorry you are having a tuff time getting her to bed. It's such a bad time for FM sufferers. You are so tired at that time that our patience is gone.

    I hope tonight is better. Happy Valentine's Day and have one of those kisses for me! :D

  2. Okay, I will!!!!! There, done! Last night was a dream! She stayed in bed after the first time being put into it! I doubled the unisome and gave her the anxiety med right before bed, I also kept her up later than we did this week.

  3. Heather, sounds like you have a decent social worker at least..You have a tough, tough job besides having FM you have Mom. What your mom will remember is a loving daughter who did her best:)