Monday, February 8, 2010

It has been a decent day so far.  I have had 5 lessons and will have one more tonight.  After that, dinner and then off to bed.  Mom is doing alright so far today.  I gave her her anxiety medicine this morning and it seemed to help this morning.  She only cried a little bit a few minutes ago.  She is tired again, I don't think she slept well.  She did wake up at 5:30 am again, so naturally, I put her right back into bed.  Not getting up then, no way Jose!!!!  She is currently hallucinating about a little boy right now.  Hmm, these are getting more frequent, but it isn't time for her medicine again.  Not until about 7 pm.  I hope she will stop soon.

The students did well at their lessons, all three girls are ready for the concert on Saturday.  This is the benefit concert for Women for Women International.  It should be fun.  A few of my former students are performing and one of them is the hostess.  Can't wait for that.  No sewing this week.  Laura (the mom) has to have outpatient surgery on Wednesday and probably won't be feeling up to sewing on Friday.  No problem!  We will do it next week!

My arm is slowly getting a bit better.  I can stretch it a bit more before it really begins to hurt.  I am trying to remember to exercise it every day.  I don't understand why it froze on me.  I didn't do anything to it, it just did this on it's own.  Once it is back to normal I will be able to dress myself and I won't need help.

I did think of something else that intrigues me for a second career.  A paralegal.  I had thought of that when I was younger and fresh out of college.  But then I started teaching more and that went out the window.  So now I am looking into it again.  Mom will most likely in the next year be in a home, she is going downhill that fast.  It is so awful to watch.  I want my mommy back the way she was, not this stranger in her place.  I mean, the stranger is nice, but she isn't the same as my mommy.  So anyways, I am looking into how to become a paralegal.  I still am also interested in opening my own music school, so who knows what I will be doing in a year or where I will be living!  Life is an adventure, that is for sure.

I hope your day is pleasant and sunny!  It is so sunny out it is wonderful here!  Of course, snow is on the way for tomorrow and Wednesday.  Wednesday is the day we have to go to Windsor for Mom's appointment.  I hope the roads are fine by then, I don't really want to go if they aren't.  If the roads are bad, we will postpone the appointment for another week.  We shall wait and see!

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