Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We got the money for the taxes.  We went and got it today so now we won't lose the house.  Mom had her CT scan.  She did pretty well, only freaked a bit.  While she was waiting for the next scan she started squirming around looking for me so I quickly ran in and then ran back out.  She had her arms to her side and moved on onto her tummy.  The techs at first were kinda upset about it, but then when I told them about her memory, then they were fine.  One of the techs told the other to write down that she was confused.  I will find out the results in a few days when the doctor calls us for an appointment.  I hope there is nothing there because, quite frankly, she can't handle anything else.  She is depressed enough.  I do need to call her doctor and let her know how much she cries and says she wants to jump into a lake.  She finally said it in front of Tillie, usually it is just me who is honored to hear this.  Tillie told her it was too cold and too icy to jump in.  That is the answer I will give her from now on.  It's too cold and icy to jump in.  Mom was in a good mood after the CT scan which is why I thought it was perfect to go to get the money and visit Tillie, but by the time we got there, she was grumpy again.  I hate that.  I have to learn to let more go because I am getting to stressed and that means she will get grumpier faster.  At least she did well at Tillie's when we got back from dinner.  She did well at dinner too.  She is fine now that we are home and she has had her pre-nighttime medicine.  Sometimes, I have to give it to her during the day.  I don't like it, but I have to because she is too upset.


  1. WOW! You and Mom had a full day.
    Heather, is there anyone who can come and be with your Mom so you can run errands and get away for an hour or two once a week? I'm glad you are blogging..writing about our days is helpful don't you think?

  2. Tillie has offered. So far I have been pretty okay with being with her all the time because she flips out when she isn't with me and I haven't wanted to lay that on anyone. If I ask, I know that Tillie will, she has mentioned it to me. Mom doesn't understand when I want to be alone, she never really has, this has always been a problem in my house. When spring comes I am going to put her in a day program a couple of days a week so she can be with other people. She enjoyed going to my friend's house today. Writing helps so much!!! I love blogging and reading blogs.