Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last night was a dream! Mom had a great night sleep. She stayed in the bed the first time I put her there. I did have to go into her room a couple of times to answer questions, but other than that, she went right to sleep. I am soooooo happy!!! I got some sleep. And, she didn't wake up in the middle of the night either! What an awesome night. Right now, she is a bit restless, but I am printing the concert program for this afternoon. I had it printed last night but somehow, 2 songs got removed from the list, so I have to re print. Just a second, I need to print the other side. Back in a flash!

Boy, I didn't realize I made a mistake on the cover, it accidentally went to two pages, Fixed that one in a jiffy! I can't wait until the concert. It will be small, but nothing I can do about that. 3 dropped out last night because Mom isn't feeling well. It will be fun even though they will be missed. I hope Debbie will have time after to go and get something to eat and maybe with Katie Parak and Kramer too. We shall see.

Hayley stopped by last night, she got here late because she was held up at the border. I know what that is like! It is a pain! Anyways, she arrived safely at my house so I was happy that she and Justice arrived. She showed me the stuff she ordered and boy was the stuff cute. I don't have any need for anything like that right now, but in the future, one never knows. She and Justice are on their way to Mexico! I hope they have a great trip. She needs the vacation and so does her daughter. Both are tired and having a very busy schedule.

Mom is doing well today. pain level isn't that high today and I am ready for the concert! I hope your day is going to be as good as mine!

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  1. Heather, how did the concert go? I am soo glad your mom let you have a good nights sleep, hoping for the same tonight..
    God Bless...