Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have 3 students today.  1 was a makeup from yesterday and then the regular 2 for today.  I finished the 1 homeschooler already.  Just waiting for my 2 boys.  We started the morning off a bit rough today, I woke up with a splitting headache.  I came down for some meds and then went back to bed.  It is finally back to it's dull roar of a headache that I normally have.  Mom slept through the whole thing.  She didn't get up until after 10 am so yeah for Mom.  Alright, she was up at 6 am and I put her right back to bed.  She was standing in the bathroom, I could tell she used it but she didn't know what to do next.  I have no idea how long she stood for before I came into the bathroom.  After I went, I put her back into bed and she stayed there until, as I said earlier, after 10 am.  She didn't get up any other time during the night that I know of and she pretty much went right to sleep.  We did go to bed quite early as I was exhausted from the weekend and I had another doozy of a headache.

I did learn a few things on the weekend.  Mom can survive without me nicely.  She was with Tillie and didn't ask for me at all, even at one point asked who Heather was.  A few minutes later she said she knew I was her daughter.  I know that I can put her in day care and she will be fine.  Also, her eating hasn't improved since we came home.  She ate 1/2 of the dinner I gave her last night and she didn't finish the muffin from this morning.  I now order off the kids menu for her or a seniors menu.  No more from the regular menu.

We got about 7 inches of snow.  Ugh, not happy about digging my car out that is for sure.  I miss being in the garage.  This spring I am going to order a dumpster and get rid of most of the stuff in the garage (a lot of it is garbage, like empty boxes, old wood, old cardboard, useless tools)  I am going to ask Hayley if she wants any of the power tools we have because I won't be needing them.  I would like to do a garage sale, but I will have to see.  I think I would get more from eBay.  (Once I learn how to use it.)

I have a new cholesterol medicine.  it is very expensive so I got a month's worth of samples.  I simply don't have the money for any more medicines that don't have generics for them.  I hear it is a very expensive medicine too so I will be getting samples and that's about all I can get for them.

I made Mom an appointment with a new doctor in Windsor for the assessment she needs.  It is in March, which at first kinda made me mad until I realized it is only 2 weeks away.  March just sounds like so far away right now.  

I have to get the invitations for her birthday party out.  I plan to do that this week.  We are having an open house at Tillie's for it.  She will be 76.  Before her birthday, I plan to get her hair all set and nice and have her picture taken.  I want to have an updated picture of her and they are $5 to get about 30 portraits at Walmart so that's where we will be going.  I will send one to Richard and Jennifer, one to Andrew, one for Tillie, and then one for me!  Any extras I will bring to the party.  I also am going to do a save the date on facebook for my family before I send the invitations.  I hope Mom has fun.  It kinda is a say goodbye to the Aunt you know now because she is going down hill fast and soon won't know anyone.  So now is a good time to see her, while she recognizes people!  I hope she has fun at it.  We shall see.

Pain isn't so bad today now that the head is back to normal.  Mom is sleeping in her chair as usual, and I am waiting for students to arrive.  I hope your day is good, too!


  1. Hi I found you through Barb at Dogmom Diva. Barb and I have been friends since the tender age of 13! Yikes! That was a long time ago! But I was noticing the violin refurbishing and I thought of another dear friend of mine. Her late father use to buy old violins and restring them and refurbish them. I am not musically talented but I do love violins! I wish you many followers on your blog! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. thanks! I will be doing a give away in the spring with one of the violins. I will post when that will be!