Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today was knitting day, yup, and I forgot my knitting at home.  I was having a day, not a great one.  Last night was a starting off to be a bad one but then I went along with her fantasies and boom!  It worked!  She rolled over and went right to sleep.  Tried that this morning and it backfired on me.  She finally calmed down by the time we were finished with our Tim Horton's.  We went to Walmart after that to get our Valentine's Day stuff.  I got Mom a stuff bear that is pink and adorable!  I got her a card and we will share the candy kisses and hugs.  We both love those things.

Mom is not doing well now.  She is crying again and isn't really sure why.  Now she wants to go visiting people, but we did already today.  She finally stopped now.  I will play along with her fantasy of going home later tonight when we get ready for bed.  I hope it is easy!  I don't think I can handle another bad night.  We are getting up early tomorrow so that won't be a problem.  I have to adjust my morning schedule to get up earlier now, I am so not happy about that.

Pain level is high for the last few days because of extra stress.  I had to take an extra pain pill because of it.

We are watching Army Wives disc 3 now.  I love this show.  I hope your day is snow free and sunny because ours is sunny but definitely not snow free!

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