Monday, February 22, 2010

We were snowed in this morning so no Tim Horton's for the Paxton's residence.  I miss my Tim Horton's.  I think I am going through withdrawal as my head is seriously sore today.  Mom is doing okay today except she doesn't like stairs now.  Please God, nothing more right now!  i can't handle it.  

The young man in our sub came to dig us out.  It was worth the $15 to pay him and his pals.  Three of them do our sidewalks and driveway.  I tried the front walk but that didn't work real well as the snow was very heavy.  I am very exhausted today.  I think we are heading to bed early, I hope Mom stays in all night without any wake ups.  She woke up 2 times last night.

I think I will end this now as I don't really have anything to say today, except I am heading for a nap.  I live to sleep, sleep to live!  That's my motto!

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