Monday, February 15, 2010

This is turning out to be a not so nice day for me.  It started early, at 6:30 am when Mom came in my room with wet pants and undies.  I am not sure what exactly happened, but this is the second time.  I think she forgets to take them down, maybe???  Anyways, I will be buying proper pads for her for this issue.  That would have been okay, I have been expecting an issue with this, but she wouldn't really go back to sleep.  That is a problem.  She went right to sleep last night.  The amount of meds really work well.  So yeah!  for that.  But after she went back into bed about 7ish am, she didn't sleep and got out of bed at 7:30, 8:00 and 8:30.  After that I didn't put her back to bed because I knew by then she wouldn't go to sleep.  I stayed in bed.  She kept calling my name as usual, but after about 8:30, she didn't do it as often as usual so I was able to doze while she was up.  The only problem was she put a pair of my pants on and put both legs in one of my legs and put it around her waist.  Now, yes, I am a big person, but I don't need my pants stretched out.  I hope they will go back into shape.  She also was wearing one of my shirts, the problem is, these are worn clothes that need to be washed.  So now I am going to have to hide my clothes when they are waiting to be washed.  Not happy about this new thing.  Not at all.

So of course, i have a headache and I am achy all over because I was so upset over the possible ruination of my clothes.  At least it was only a pair of sweats and not my good clothes, I would have really freaked over that.  She also keeps asking me if I am heather.  All in all, a crummy day.  

The bright spot of the day is that I have 4 lessons.  I hope everyone knows their music because today would not be the day not too.  Is it Friday yet????


  1. Sounds like Mom may be entering the incontinent stage. Does she usually know when she needs to use the bathroom? If so, she may need depends only at night until things change again. I would caution you about leaving her alone while you sleep. I'm sorry your FM is giving you fits, but understandable with the stress. Hope tonight and tomorrow are better days for you and Mom

  2. I went and bought her some poise pads, she didn't have a problem last night at all. This morning she was fine, she didn't stand and call my name. I was able to lay and doze in bed, she would come in and out and wander upstairs but didn't take anything from anywhere. She had a better night sleep too so I think that makes a big difference. Today she is good and everything is back to our normal. I am looking into long term care as she will need it within the next 6 months if she continues to decline like she is. Something I never wanted to do, but I have to because I won't be able to look after her properly on my own. I hope you are feeling better today too!!!!!