Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have 2 students today.  1 is a makeup from Monday because of the beautiful, horrible snow we got, the other is a regularly scheduled appointment.  I got her books today.  I can't wait to start.  Should be rather fun.  I also got 2 new vocal books when I was at the store.  1 is for Lily and the other for Katie and Rachel.  I had to order the CDs to the one book for the older girls because it wasn't in.  The other book for Lily had the CD inside the book.  I like it when they do that, but I also like when you don't have to buy the entire book again just for the CD.  That has happened a lot.  I am hoping the girls will be coming over soon to help me put away all the music that is all over the office and living room.  I need to see what I am missing.  I can repurchase them one at a time.  I am hoping to have more students soon.  My friend is all full and she is going to give my name to those who ask her about lessons!  Isn't that cool??  I think so!  More students.  I hope to eventually have 50 again, that is a good number and a manageable number to have.  Any more and you start to lose something, but 50 is good.  I have the room in my schedule.  We shall see.  Also, I would be able to stay in the house if I have that many students because I would be able to afford it.  That is another goal!  I don't want to move!  I love my house.  I have lived her all my life.

During Tillie's march break (the Canadian equivalent to the USA spring break) she is going to come and help with Mom room.  Then I will be able to gate her inside her room and she can wander all she wants.  She has a bathroom in her room too, so that is covered.

We have had a couple of good days.  She went straight to bed again last night!!!!  And woke up about 7:30 this morning for the bathroom, she was cold so I put her back into bed and both of us slept for a couple more hours!  Isn't that awesome?  I think so.  

She also drank an ensure with her donut this morning so she had a good breakfast for a change.  I hope this is a sign of easier times ahead for us, I am not up for hard times.  I hate yelling and getting angry when I know it isn't her fault it is the disease's fault.  She wouldn't normally do the things she does if she didn't have the disease.

I am going to look at my new books now.  I am excited.  I also need to read my book club book as book club is Saturday and I haven't started yet!  Oh my!!!!  I will get going today on it.  I have something to do while the TV is on.  We are very into Olympics in this house.

Try to have a good day!!!  I know this will be a pretty good day!

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