Sunday, February 14, 2010

The concert went great! They all did really well. We raised about $200 so I was very happy about that. Debbie did a great job MCing the whole thing as well as performing.

I lost my phone last night, well, Mom lost the phone. She must have picked it up this morning and put it somewhere in her room. I looked all over for it, but I couldn't find it. I was really upset over this. A new phone is something we don't have money for but what can we do. I need a phone as that is the only one we have. Of course I didn't get insurance for it, since I have never lost a phone, but I did this time. I also am going to buy an address book so I can put all my phone numbers in it as everything was in my phone. Yup, wasn't that smart of me? Not one of my brightest moments.

Mom was okay last night, I didn't give her her anxiety meds with the unisom but I certainly will tonight. She has it rough when I don't do that. I will from now on as I know she can have a good night with that combination. The rest of what she does (wandering) is manageable if we both have a good night.

Pain isn't so bad despite me being totally ticked off, so I am impressed with the level. I had planned on taking mom to dinner for Valentine's day, but since I had to buy a new phone I won't be able to.

I hope your day is great! Have a good Valentine's Day!

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