Friday, February 26, 2010

I didn't bring my machine on purpose to sewing today.  It is snowing out and I can't carry it out to the car so I didn't bring it.  Mistake!!!!  The girls sewing machine's foot is missing and we can't sew without it.  Poor little machine!  I hope they find it otherwise they may have to order or buy a new one.  Laura thinks it has to be in the van, I would concur with this conclusion.  Mom slept as usual during sewing.  The girls got a lot of basting done but we still had to end early from lack of activity to do.  It was sad, but what can you do?

Not much planned for the rest of the day, but tomorrow is book club!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!  I love book club and we have a couple of new members so I am excited.  I bought a big cookie (8 by 10 sheet) for the occasion, I may have looked for something cheaper had I realized before I bought it it was $8.  Oh well, little too late now.  I know it will taste good because we have had them before.  Mom enjoys book club too.  She usually sits in during it and listens because she doesn't read the books, not that it would matter if she did, because she wouldn't be able to remember them.  I have some thoughts for next book.  Aggie won't be here because of the weather.  Mean weather.  I need my Aggie.  She is coming home next weekend instead.  I asked her for suggestions for the next book.  She picked this months book, Howl's Moving Castle.  It was pretty good.  I finished it yesterday afternoon during the snow fall.  It is snowing again like crazy today.  Not a happy camper about this.  Not liking this snow at all.  Mom is doing alright with it, but she can get nervous while I drive (okay - even more than usual).

Mom has been alright today.  She got up for the bathroom this morning and then went right back to bed (with help from me).  I think she thinks she has too now.  I am not sure.  She has done this every day since Sunday, but I am not complaining, I get to sleep in and not be woken up early!  I like this new development, hope it lasts a while.

She is still not eating terribly good, but I try to get her to drink some ensure a couple of times a day.  I forgot to bring it with me this morning.  Oops.

Speaking of this morning, I forgot my wallet on the table when we left so I owe Tim Horton's for today's meal.  Thank goodness we are frequent guests because she is letting me pay tomorrow when we come in.  Nice people there.  Reminds me of when I worked at Arbys in college, the first couple of years anyways before the managers changed.  We had a good time and then the managers changed and it wasn't so fun anymore.  I was also teaching at the time and just getting started with that, so when I got more students, I quit Arbys.  Definitely better with teaching!  Teaching is a lot of fun and rarely boring and dull (like the rest of my time on some days.)

I have no lessons until Monday now because both Aggie and Lily will be absent.  :( :( :( :(  I will see them both next week though, so :) :) :) :) :)
I love making happy faces!!!!!!

I hope your day is good and hopefully not snowing like crazy like it is here!


  1. Hi Heather

    Thank you for your posting. It shows a lot of courage to let everyone know how you are doing. These details of everyday life can help a lot of people.

    MIchael MacDonald, Ph.D.