Friday, February 5, 2010

We had sewing class this afternoon!  It was fun, except I forgot my sewing machine so the girls only had one to use.  That was not very well done of me.  Natalie didn't sew today because she had an earache and wasn't feeling very well.  Poor kid!!  Earaches are no fun.  Little Sarah did very well, she basted her first seams.  She did 5 of them.  She pinned 3 seams and then sewed all of the seams.  She  has about 6 seams left to do before I can sew them together.  She is doing so well for 6 years old.  Hannah and Lydia did well as usual.  They are learning to be good little seamstresses.  I can't wait to start them on knitting too!  After tax season I am going to learn how to hand quilt.  Then I can teach the girls that one too.  I have great plans for them and me.  Mom slept through a lot of sewing today.  She is so exhausted and now her tummy is hurting her.  I gave her the tummy medicine, I hope it helps.  I have had heartburn for a couple of days now.  I have a prescription that I am taking in tomorrow that will help.  I haven't really had this problem until now.  Not pleasant.  Not at all.

I have a busy tomorrow that I am excited about.  I have Lily at 1, as usual, and then at 4 I have Frank, Rachel, and Katie to practice for competition.  Frank has solo and ensemble tomorrow morning.  I hope he is ready!  I have done all I can for him, so it is up to him now.  He is going to accompany Rachel on her solo for competition.  Then Rachel and Katie are doing a duet.  Tillie is going to come with us to competition.  It should be a fun time for all of us.

It is getting colder out again here.  Mom is in a blanket as well as a sweatshirt, fleece jacket,and a hoodie.  She is finally sort of warm.  I have the heat up to about 73 degrees.  It does get cold in here though when it gets colder outside.  As long as it doesn't get as cold as it did last weekend.  Hope your day is good!

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