Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is a much better day!  Mom did well with Tillie here, minimal crying.  She is watching Army Wives disc 5 season 2 right now.  I just did my hair so we are waiting for my hair to dry before going to bed.  Not much happened today, we visited with Tillie and then we went to Boston Market for dinner.  Naturally, I forgot to bring my wallet and it is my treat.  Ugh, how embarrassing.  So, Tillie paid and then I paid her back as soon as we got home.  This is the second time I have done this in three days.  I don't usually not check that I have my wallet, but Friday I did forget to check and we were at Tim Horton's and well, oops, I forgot.  Fortunately, they know me there and let me pay afterward we when went back.  I did, but we were late for sewing class.  

Wednesday, Mom and I are heading to the Alzheimer's society for an appointment.  We are meeting a social worker there.  Don't know why or for what, but I am going anyway.  I guess I am beginning to understand that she is going to need care i can't give her, I mean, look at yesterday.  I was totally out of control with the situation, she was so confused and I couldn't help her.  I am not sure anyone could have.  I really don't think anyone could have.  I don't know what they would have done with her at a home either, I mean, what do you do when a person just doesn't get it?  How do you deal with that?  I am going to give her her anxiety medicine twice a day now though because Tillie said it would help her stay calm through out the day.  So now, twice a day she gets it starting today.  I gave it to her earlier and she stopped crying.  Apparently, this will help her stop crying all day.  I hope so.  I hate seeing her upset.  I also have to throw away any junk mail we get because Mom thinks they are bills that we can't pay and freaks out over money.  She worries about money a lot, she often asks if we have enough to pay to stay the night.  I reassure her a lot, I don't tell her the money worries because I don't think she really understands.  I am not sure I want her to understand.  As long as we don't lose the house while she is in it, that is all that matters to me.  After that, it can be added to her bankruptcy or whatever.

Anyways, all in all, not a bad day.  Hope yours was good too!

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