Thursday, February 4, 2010

It was a very busy day for a change in the Paxton household today.  First thing, blood test for me.  The nurse had 3 tubes to get and she got everything the FIRST time!!!!  Yeah, what a great way to start the day!  Only 1 poke!!!  Then we were off to Tim Horton's for our breakfast/lunch.  Okay, brunch.  After that we had to go to the bank.  I got a certified check for the taxes so we will be register mailing the check tomorrow!  We won't be losing the house!  Then we went to JoAnn's Craft store to return the needles and yarn I bought last week that was wrong and rebuy what I need.  After I had what I needed, off to Heather BT's house.  We had a good visit.  Mom only cried one time because she had bad memories in her head.  She did start the day off crying for the same reason so tomorrow I am going to give her her anxiety medicine to see if that helps her.  Once I was up and getting dressed she was fine.  Every day this week she has started off the morning crying on and off so I think we need to fix this.  If it keeps up, then I will let her doctor now about this.  I think her medicine will help her, it helps her at night so she doesn't cry at night much anymore.  She even goes into her room without getting upset that we sleep in different rooms.  She used to cry every night about that.

Calli will be starting her lessons next week.  That will be fun and a challenge.  I have never taught a visually impaired person before.  I have, of course, taught many 9 year old children though.  Mom and I are going to figure out how we are going to do this this weekend.  Something to look forward too.  On Saturday, I will have to do my sales and use tax returns from 2008 and 2007.  I don't know how to do this, but I have to finish them by the 15th of this month.  This is the last step in closing out the store.  Thank God it is almost over.  I then have to send in my proof of income and the august of 08 return and I will be finished (except for paying, of course) with the paperwork for the state of Michigan!  I can't wait.  No more phone calls!  I dread the phone calls when I get them.  Richard doesn't have anything to do with this, although he was part owner, because he was the silent partner.  I don't expect him to do with this either, it is my responsibility and I am almost done.  It will take years to pay them what we owe though.  Bit by bit it will be paid.

Tomorrow we have sewing!  I can't wait for that either.  All in all, it has been a pretty good week.  The weather has been warmer so Mom hasn't been as frozen as she had been.  I hope your week is going well too!

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