Sunday, February 14, 2010

I guess I am making up for not posting last night. I have to use Mom's computer until mine dies because it is frozen on sleep. Should be dead in a couple of days. Hopefully soon. I don't like to use Mom's computer. Not sure why, probably because it isn't mine.

I think right after competition next week I am going to start going through Mom's room. I'll start with one bag of junk or a box per couple of days so that it is spread out and won't cause extra pain. I hope once that is done, we can rearrange the rooms so that my bed and mom's bed are in the same room. Right now, there is just no room. I refuse to share a bed with her, as they are not big enough and with the amount of pain I am in, sharing is painful. She cries almost every night about being in her room alone. I think her friend, Jose, will help move the furniture, if not maybe some other friends will help. (Ones with the muscles, something I don't have) I am sure it will work out somehow. Tonight I am going to give her the same amount of unisom and the anxiety meds at the same time. We will head for bed around 9 pm, that seems to be a good time.

I am nervous about the weekend with the week we just had, however, I will be in the same room as she will be and so will Tilley so that should help. It will let me know if traveling is out of her range from now on. I kinda think this will be the last as she is declining rapidly. I wanted to visit Karlyn this spring with Mom, but now, I am not sure. We shall see. I hope she levels off again and stays there for a few months like she did at the beginning of the summer, but the last 6 weeks have me doubt that it will happen.

I hope that by the time Mom needs 24 hour care, I will be getting a job. I am anxious to work again. I don't like sitting around all day. I have a new student starting Wednesday, but she is a scholarship student - one - I have never taught a child who is visually impaired and two - I offered her lessons. I look at it as learning something new. She is a delightful child who is very musically talented.

I have four lessons tomorrow, I also must do some laundry for the weekend. Both Mom and I need our dressier clothes freshly washed (if they aren't already) and ready to be packed for competition. I can't wait until Friday when we arrive. I am looking at this as a bit of work among a vacation for Mom and I. I am glad Tilley is coming too because Mom freaks if she doesn't see me and I am afraid of her disrupting the competition, this way Tilley will be with her and she will be comfortable. Mom did pretty well at the concert but when I had to turn pages for Frank she got nervous because she didn't know where I was and I thought she was going to get up and start looking for me. Fortunately the song ended before she did that. At competition, when I am room captaining, she will not be able to sit with me and I will be up and down the whole time. So with Tilley there, that is a worry I don't have. Mom will be fine and not cause any problems and enjoy herself.

It has been an okay Valentine's Day despite the new phone need. I am still unhappy about it. I emailed those I could for their numbers, I heard from 4 of them. I hope to hear from Richard soon with his numbers. I will get my students this week as the week progresses. I hope not to get sick so I have to cancel before I get the numbers! I will write them down in the book as soon as I get it!

Have a great day! (or night, as it is about 8 pm right now here in Michigan!)

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  1. Sounds like Mom is in a rough spot. Tilley sounds like a great friend. It's good Mom is comfortable with her, which relieves you.

    How nice of you to offer lessons to to the blind student. A challenge for both of you. This is probably something she never thought of accomplishing. Bless your heart Heather.

    Enjoy the competition. :D