Saturday, February 27, 2010

It was book club today!!!!!!!!!  I looooooove book club a lot!  Debbie and Maggie were here.  Next time we will have a few new members, I hope.  Debbie is going to bring her roommate/best friend, Justine.  She is really nice too.  I met her at the benefit concert.  Aggie couldn't come because the weather didn't cooperate with us.  It was pretty bad last night when she would have driven home to her parents house from college.  I was disappointed but totally understand.  Disappointed because it also means she missed her lesson and I have new music for her!  I will see her next week though so I shall give it to her.  It will probably work out better because the CD to the new book isn't here yet so, I guess it will work out for the best.  My friend, Stacey is planning to join book club too.  I am putting a story in the sub newsletter inviting any neighbors to join too.

Mom didn't eat much at dinner tonight and we went to Olive Garden.  She loves that place but even Olive Garden now is on her paranoid list of foods that could give a problem.  She just refuses to eat much.  I think she ate maybe, and I am stretching this, maybe 1/4 of her soup and about 1/4 of her noodles.  It is really bothering me because she is going down so fast and she is helping it!  I hope she is hungry later tonight and I will heat up her noodles.  I don't think we will go out to eat much because I end up throwing so much of it away and that is wasting money we need.  It will also save us money by eating at home.  We don't go out much, about 1 every other week, but the last couple of times I have thrown away more than she ate.  I think ensure is about to become most of her meals now, she will at least drink a full one when I ask her too.  I wonder if food is just hard to go down.  I don't know.  This problem keeps me up at night more than the pain is right now.

Other than the food issue, she has done pretty well this week with sleeping so I am happy about that.  Thursday is her assessment with the CCAC people.  I don't know what that means.  I just know they are the ones in charge of the waiting list for homes.  Tillie will be at the meeting too, so that reassures me.  I just don't want to cry at this one like I did with the social worker at the Alzheimer's Society.  I will bring kleenex in case.

Pain hasn't been too bad for a change.  I did wake up with a bad headache a couple of days but they went back to their normal headache.  I slept a bit better since Mom was better with sleeping, so I am hopeful that this shall last a few weeks.  

I am planning a birthday party for Mom on her birthday in March.  It will be at Tillie's house as she lives in Windsor where most of our relatives live.  Several of our friends here won't be able to attend as you need a passport to cross the border so we may have a cake and ice cream the day before here at our house.  At the party we will have snacks and cake, and that's about all.  It is an open house type of party as Tillie's house is little.  When she finishes the updates it will look really cute.  It is a 2 bedroom cottage.  She is adding a porch (in the back) and new siding and windows and roof.  She wants the roof to extend over the front door.  Right now it ends at the edge of the house and she wants it to cover her front porch she has.

Today has been a good day and I have enjoyed it all.  I hope your day has been good too!!!!

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