Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mom is dozing in her chair and mumbling.  It is too funny.  I probably do the exact same thing, but this is funny.  She randomly goes from one subject to the next.  It is just hilarious.  I probably shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it when she does this.  Usually she just sits and it quiet while dozing.  Not today!

It is a rather dull day here.  I have laundry to do, yeah! fun! Yup, just love doing laundry.  Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?  I am also cooking stew in the crock pot!  I saw this package of stew meat and veggies so I bought it and thought we would try it.  I have snitched a taste or two and boy is it good!  When we go shopping later this week I will get more and freeze them.  I hope to also find corned beef and get some of that and freeze it too.  Love my corned beef.  Now that I have a crock pot I can make a few things that we didn't have a choice on.

The hockey game between USA and Canada is on this afternoon.  I don't like hockey so I won't be watching it.  I am gonna flip channels and see what other Olympic sports are being shown.  It is also the closing ceremonies tonight.  :( :( :( :( :( :(  I love the Olympics.

I have to figure out my teaching money for last year today too so my taxes can get done.  I don't have much because most of my students are on scholarship and don't pay but I do have a bit.  I don't have much to claim as far as deductions either because most of them come here and I didn't buy any music last year.  I will keep better track this year.  Last year was just bad.

Pain is medium as usual today.  I am swimming in the fog as far as thinking goes today, but at least I don't need to think to much for what we are doing this afternoon.  Laundry is boring and requires a small amount of thinking so that is good.  Watching Olympics requires no amount of thinking on my part so that is even better.  I could use a nap though.  Maybe I will take one before I do laundry.  Mom could use it too as she is dozing like I said in her chair.  I think we will go up now and nap.  

Have a good afternoon.  It is sunny and a bit warmer than it has been here!!!!!  Yeah!  Spring is on her way (I hope!)

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