Sunday, July 11, 2010

I seem to spend more time on the weekends sleeping than I do anything else. By the time the weekend comes around, I am exhausted and ready for a sleepathon. Yesterday was a great day, long, but a great day so I knew that today I would spend most of the time sleeping. We got up about noon, not that that is unusual. We often get up between 11 to 12 everyday depending on the physical therapy, nurse visit, or teaching schedule. We went to Tim Horton's for lunch. Mom wasn't very hungry so she didn't eat very much. This is not always surprising when it happens. Then we came home, I read for a bit while Mom was in the living room. I checked Face book and then went in the living room with her. I sat down and a few minutes later, out like a light. I slept for about 2 1/2 hours. Not the longest one I have taken in the last few weeks, but definitely a long one. Mom was awake when I woke up, just sitting quietly in her seat on the couch. I sit in the comfy chair and she sits in the couch. I need to have the arms on both sides of me for balance and comfort.

Mom ate a good dinner, she had a chicken breast that she is still working on. I left it on the table for her because she only ate 1/2, in case she wanted more. So far she has eaten a bit more of it. She so far, has drank 2 ensures in a row, so I know she was hungry even if she didn't want any food. She has started on her 3rd ensure now.

Not much happening today, as I slept most of it away. Mom is doing pretty well today. We were going to do our hair but, oops, I slept instead. We will do it tomorrow after lessons. This coming weekend is competition so I hope Frank is ready. Tomorrow is his last lesson before competition. I hope he does well, when he is on, he is very on. He is a very gifted performer.

Mom is playing with the table cloth again. Fortunately, I have the ensure bottle closed with the cap so there is no mess this time. I can't wait until the fiddle toys arrived. They should arrive this week and I hope she likes them. She can fiddle with them all she wants and no mess will be made.

It is really nice out today. We didn't get the rain that I know of, but nearby did. Not to hot, not to humid, in other words, a nice day. It is supposed to get hot again later this week. Ugh. I am glad we are staying in a hotel with an inside pool. I am not looking forward to a hot, humid day.

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