Saturday, July 31, 2010

I can't believe the day has gotten away from me. Yes, I did sleep in until noon, but then we got ready and Mom ready for Tim Horton's. Right when we got there, the phone rang and it was Lori, the physical therapist. I quickly put Mom back into the car and went through drive through for our lunch. I got us soup and sandwich combos, but naturally, Mom ate 1 /4 of her sandwich and was full and none of her soup. I will be saving the soup for later when she is hungry. She has finished 1 ensure so far and is finishing another one now. I am very happy about that.

The best thing that happened today??? I talked to my Laura, who I haven't talked to in 24 years about so many things, but also about the important website she is going to design for me! We talked about so many things, it was really cool. I messaged her this week asking if she designs websites and how much would it cost. She sent me back a message that said Yes! and gave me the costs. It isn't going to cost too much, so we can afford to do this. I am really excited about this because the web is now how most people look at things so that works for me! I did google last night to see what websites for lessons are out there, I emailed a couple to see if I can be added for lessons so we shall see what happens about that. I am excited about fall because it is the beginning of a new season and summer hasn't been too bad now, it was in the beginning with Mom so sick, but now it is okay. It is supposed to be hot later this week. I think Mom and I will stick close to the house and stay inside after our usual morning/afternoon trek. Mom hasn't taken a nap today, she seems rather awake for this time of day without a nap. I may put her in the living room in a bit to rest.

We just got back from Walmart. We needed to pick up a few things, like Lia's baby shower present. We got the cutest little outfit for the little one. She has named her Esther Ruth. Her mom, Maia, is coming to our house so she can catch a ride with us to her house. She comes over every weekend to visit her boyfriend. It is rather interesting that he lives a couple of miles from me. Isn't that amazing? Out of all the places in Michigan she could have met someone, she met someone who lives near her cousin (me). Such a small world we live in! I also got Mom some snacks for me to carry with me in case she needs them. I got both string cheese and granola bars, the chewy type. She started to cry when we were checking out, I know she was tired but she was hungry too so when we got into the car I gave her a chewy granola bar and she ate it and stopped crying. It is amazing! That is twice today that she cried for no reason and I gave her food and she stopped. I also picked up 2 boxes of tissues, one for her to play with and one for us to use. She hasn't played with it yet, maybe she won't. One can only hope.

I have discovered also that sometimes when we go to bed she is too tired to take her medicine and has a rough time doing it. It took 15 minutes for her to take 4 pills, I gave up on the 5th. Tonight, at 8 pm, I will give her her medicine for the evening. She doesn't take any sleeping medicine so it doesn't matter that if she takes it right before bed or not. Since we go to bed sometime between 9 and 10, I think her taking medicine at 8 is okay. It will just be hard for me to remember. I will though, it will be easier for her to take it because she will be more awake.

It has been a good day today. We are watching Walker, Texas Ranger, season 7 disc 4, episode 1. We will watch a couple more episodes and then we will head for bed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow at the shower.

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  1. Hi Heather, sounds like you had a really busy day..I am sure your mom was hungry and very tired. Walmart tires me out too:)

    Thanks for stopping by as always my friend..I am so glad I know you!