Saturday, July 10, 2010

We had a really good day today. Really good. We were at my Uncle's house with his family. Tillie and her great grandson, Warren, were there. It was so cute to watch Jayson and Warren play together. Sometimes they would play together and other times they would play side by side or separately. No matter how, it was nice to see two very young people get along. Jayson has the cutest way of calling Mom Aunt Vivi. It was adorable. He called her that at the end of the day. Michelle sent us home with great left overs again. I just love her cooking. I think when we go back in a couple of weeks I am going to bring a treat. No, I am not going to make it, I will go to a bakery and get something summery for us to eat.

Mom did really well on the trip there and back. She does very well on the car trips so I am no longer worried about the trip to Kalamazoo next week. I am very excited about that trip. I hope to see some friends and have some nice chatting and watching the kids time. I anticipate spending a lot of time by the pool that weekend, at least Saturday day and Sunday morning and early afternoon. It should be a blast.

The bad thing about this afternoon is that I didn't bring extra disposables for Mom, bad move on my part. Tomorrow we are going to get her a cute back pack to put her disposables, fresh pants, and a fresh top in it to carry whenever we go away for the day. I will put it in my car for her. I should have known that eventually this would happen and of course, it had to happen when we weren't home. I didn't think about going to the store to get her some since it is such a small town, the selection wouldn't have been very good. I will be prepared from now on. Poor Mom, once again I failed her. A small fail, but a fail. I won't do this again that is for sure.

I hope your day was as good as ours was. It was really really good!

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