Thursday, July 8, 2010

It is really hot and humid out again today. Although, the humidity isn't as bad as anticipated. It has been worse. Mom and I are hiding inside mostly today. I did have to go out to get her some ensure with high protein since we were out, but other than that we are staying in. Mainly we are staying in because I have a really bad headache. It started yesterday, went down to normal, then popped up again this morning. Ugh, I really hate this weather. I am a spring and fall girl. Those are my favorite seasons. Summer and Winter are not good for me, too much pain at times, and too hot or too cold at other times. Mom is doing pretty well today despite the heat. She did alright when we went to the store. She held my hand as I scooted along as usual. We ended up with a few more things than what was on my list. We had to get a new colander for the kitchen as ours has disappeared along with the two strainers for pots. I have no idea where they went and they don't make them anymore, so that just sucks badly. They were tools I used all the time, so easy to strain vegetables, noodles, and stuff like that and now they are gone. I have been looking for them for about a month now and can't find them anywhere. I really need them so I had to buy a strainer type thing that will sort of do the job, not as good as my other tools, but they will kind of work. I bought the biggest one they had so it will help.

Mom just lost my place in my book. Fortunately, I found it again. I forgot how she plays with them. I usually memorize the page number because she pulls out the bookmark all the time. She just fiddles with stuff and I don't know how to keep her hands busy with something productive because she can't concentrate on much anymore. She can't knit, I tried that. She really can't sew anymore or cross stitch, tried those too. It is difficult to find ways to keep her hands busy. Sometimes it bothers me, other times it doesn't. Since she can't really help it, I have been working on it not bothering me. She also plays with the table cloth a lot and the Kleenex box. Those things don't bother me unless she is ripping the Kleenex box, then that bothers me because I need the box in one piece not several. I have tried to get her to fold washcloths and put them in a basket but that doesn't work with her so I gave up and just let her fiddle with stuff. I keep magazines on the table just for that purpose now. I put them in a small pile in the middle of the table so she can fiddle all she wants now.

It is going to rain today, supposedly. I certainly hope so, that will hopefully cut down on the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice out. Only 82 degrees with low humidity and low heat index. Saturday we are going to my Uncle's and it is supposed to be nice out then too. He is going on vacation on Sunday for a week. That should be a lot of fun. We are going on vacation in a few too, can't wait for that!

I was planning on going into the family room and dig out some Christmas crafts the other night. I haven't done it yet. I need to get started because I want to hand make all the Christmas presents next year. I love making ornaments. They are so much fun. I want to make a set for my niece and nephew and Mom. Mom loves homemade presents best. Or at least she used too, don't know if she still does because she doesn't know anymore. I got some really cute kits last summer to make and I haven't finished them yet. Yes, I need to get my butt moving on them.

This week I also plan to take pictures of the painted violins and viola. In August I am going to have a give away of one of them. I have about 20 left that I painted when we had the music store. They do work and everything. Fresh strings and well, at the time they were done, they were in tune, although I highly doubt they are in tune now. Anyways, this fall my plan is to sell the rest of them so that they are out of my family room and into (hopefully) some nice persons' home that will enjoy them. They can be played or just for decoration. I plan to send one to my friend in Ohio, but I keep forgetting to have her measure her daughter's arm so I can send the right size, if I have it. There is one in particular my other friend's son likes to play. It is so cute to watch him, although I don't get a big chance because it keeps him busy while I am having a lesson with his sister. Both are very musically inclined children, extremely talented. Not that I am biased or anything, they really are. I have had the opportunity to work with many talented children over the years, and they are really gifted. The young gentleman will start lessons this fall too, so that will be even more fun for us here in this household. Mom really likes listening to the students during their lessons. She always had. I am glad she still finds some things enjoyable. Just because a person has Alzheimer's or Vascular Dementia (her official diagnose) doesn't mean they don't like or dislike things. And music is one thing she has always enjoyed.

I hope you are having a good day, despite the bad headache, it hasn't been too bad except I had to cancel knitting today. My head is just too bad for that. :( I hope the weather improves where you are too as so much of us are having major heat waves. It looks like it is about to storm outside for us right now. Have a great afternoon!

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  1. Hi Heather, the weather badly affects me, its the drop in pressure that does it..I can always tell...hope you feel better!