Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mom is in a not eating much mode again today. Yesterday and today she just isn't hungry. I don't get it since I don't have that problem, but she doesn't want to finish her chicken breast and her ensure. By the time we are ready for bed the ensure will be finished, but it isn't the 3 of them she has had the other day. I doubt I will get 2 of them down her tonight, but I will try. We have switched ensures again to the Ensure plus because there is more protein in it and more calories so I am hoping it is more filling for her. She only ate her donut for brunch and only 1/2 of the milk she usually drinks. Not to good for the little lady, but what can you do? Not much about it. She does drink a sip of ensure when I ask usually. I am not that hungry today either so it could just be because it is so hot out today. I don't know how hot, it is just very humid.

Lori the physical therapist was here today. Mom did pretty well with her exercises. After that we both took a nap. I am still so tired from the vacation, I don't know why it takes so long to recover, but it does, just the way it is. Sherri, the nurse, arrived right after our nap, so how is that for great timing? Mom's pressure sore is doing alright. It isn't getting worse and it is a bit better. I put a lot of cream on it every day all day long. It is the only way to heal it, that and a lot of protein, lots and lots of protein. I forgot to get her vitamin C stuff too. I hope the pills aren't that big because she has problems taking big pills. I would get her orange juice, but she doesn't drink it all before it goes bad and I end up throwing it away. I tried the little cartons and for a while that worked, but I haven't tried them again since I had to throw all 6 of them out.

Mom is very talkative tonight. On one hand I am rather glad because it means she is a bit better, on the other hand, I am trying to write and she keeps interrupting me! I just can't win on that. She sometimes talks during lessons now, she never did that before. I am hoping it was a one time deal. She always thinks that other people are here now too. I remind her that there is only me and her here and she will ask where they are again in a few minutes. It isn't too bad, she could be hallucinating worse things like spiders and stuff like that.

I have one lesson tonight, it is a make up one for Monday. Frank was coming home from competition so he couldn't make his scheduled time. I knew this last week so it was not a surprise. We rescheduled for tonight. I haven't heard anything from him so I don't know how he did at competition. AGM is a harder competition than MMA in some ways. These kids practice these same songs all year long for this competition and I don't work that way. I don't think you learn as much when you do that. We do work on competition music, I just don't think competition is the end all like some teachers do. I have never operated that way. If you want to do competition, fine, if you don't, that's fine too. I know of teachers that have dropped kids because they didn't want to compete. I loved competing when I was younger, but I loved learning as many songs as possible too. My teacher didn't spend all year on 3 or 4 songs for me to learn. Yes, I have students, like Bob and Frank, who's music is so difficult they do spend months on 1 song, but it isn't for competition all the time. We focus on learning to be a good musician and everything that entails. If you like the stuff you are doing and choose to compete, you have a better chance of doing better and winning than just focusing on winning, at least that is my experience. Yes, I do like my students to win, who doesn't? But I try to teach them to focus on the music and worry about winning after they have performed. Calli will be competing this year, and probably Acer too since there is a category for 5 year olds, or 6 as that is how old he will be in December (January 1 is the cut off date for competition). We are only going to do one competition next year. I don't want to do 2, it is too much to worry about and the kids go from 1 set of competition music to the next. We also have 2 to 3 recitals a year. I don't think we are going to do a summer concert this year. It is already mid July and I don't have one planned. The next recital will be Christmas. I have to call and make arrangements for the rental of the hall. I hope to have a few more students in the fall. We shall see. Lessons are just not at the top of parents lists right now with the bad economy. I am hoping to put some ads in the newspaper in the fall and hopefully I will get some new students from them.

Pain is a bit high today in the hands, rather annoying if you ask me. My head isn't too bad which is a surprise considering the humidity level. I think we may be getting a storm or two tonight, it smells like it. As long as we are in the house, I don't mind.

I hope this finds you doing well today and enjoying your summer. I can't wait until fall!!!!!!!

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