Monday, July 19, 2010

Relaxing day today. We went to our usual around noon then we headed to Walmart to get our medicines that needed to be picked up. I forgot to get the blue berries and strawberries that I wanted to get. Oh well, I will do that tomorrow. I also need to get cool whip and golden cake mix so I can make my treat for Mom and I. I am also going to make some for our family this weekend when we go to my uncle's. I can't wait to show my family my favorite type of dessert. I am rather excited to make it for everyone. Mom really likes it a lot. I hope everyone does.

After our short trip to Walmart, we headed home for nap time. I try to be home between 2 and 4 everyday (except Thursday when I am home between 1 and almost 3) for Mom (and sometimes me!!!) to have a rest. She doesn't always sleep but often she does. I need her to rest so she is ready for the rest of the day. She wakes up way earlier than I do so she gets tired in the afternoon. Today, we both slept from about 1:30 to 3:00 pm when my student arrived. Bob finished one of his pieces today so it was time for a new one. He has several choices to choose from. A couple of books I just handed him to take home and look at them. A few pieces we tried and so far he is considering a Sonata by Mozart. It is a famous one that many people recognize right away. I am not really picky which one he picks because I like everything I gave him to choose from.

Mom's friend, Jose, came by right as Bob was starting his lesson. I expected him and Mom to go into the dining room to chat, but he sat down and listen to Bob's lesson. He is also a musician and loves to hear my students play. Bob did really well on his song that he finished today and his sight reading is quite good now. After Bob left, Jose, Mom, and I talked about lots of different things. Then I showed Jose some stuff on the computer. He has a new one and wanted to try some things out. We had a good afternoon.

Mom ate most of her dinner and has already finished 1 3/4 of her ensures. She is doing really well drinking her ensures right now. Her sore is getting better and I think we may have prevented another one on the other side of the one she has now. It hasn't broken the skin yet and is now a bit softer than it was so I am hopeful about the near miss.

It has been rather nice out today, not too hot or humid. It does now look like it is going to rain. Fortunately, we are inside so we won't get wet. I am a bit more sore than usual today. I had to take an extra pain pill this afternoon because of it. My head is at least the normal pain and not too much. I hope this finds you doing well.

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