Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Independence Day! July the 4th! 4th of July! How ever you want to post it! It is an awesome day in our history. I sure was lucky that out of all the countries in the world my parents moved too, it was here. I was born in Canada, but that was actually an accident. We lived in Michigan, but they were visiting my Grandparents when I was born and since Mom was Canadian and Dad was British, the immigration papers didn't include the all important choose at 18 which citizenship I wanted. We found that out later when I was about 8 or 9. Boy was Mom ticked at that! Although, I think our family is living the American Dream because we come from another country to this one for a better life, and it has been overall. My niece and nephew are the first Americans in the family, just as my children would have been if I could have had any. That was my dream, that our children be the first Americans. Although, I definitely feel American, having been raised here all my life. Both my older brother and I haven't become official citizens because we wanted our children to be the first Americans, like the forefathers. Kind of weird, I know, but what can I say? We are living the Dream, our way. My parents worked very hard to come to this country and the only complaint my brothers and I had was, couldn't they have picked a warmer state???? Michigan gets really cold in the winter!!! He he he! Seriously, I am proud to live in such a great country. It really is the best country in the world and I love it so much. I am so thankful for all the men and women who serve in the armed forces and protect and give us our freedoms. We have such great people who are serving, both past and present. It really shows what people are willing to sacrifice to give strangers they don't know a better life! I am thankful everyday that I live here in the United States of America, not just on Flag Day or the 4th of July, but everyday. Thanks to all who give us our freedoms!

Outside of it being a great day just because what day it is, my head is a bit worse than usual and my tummy isn't much better. I think it is just going to be a lazy day because I don't really feel well enough to go to a movie. Mom is doing alright today, not as much hallucinating as yesterday, although it is now normal for her to see 2 small boys and 1 small girl. That would be Richard, Andrew, and I as small children. She doesn't see them all the time, just some times. I have to tell her they went home and then she says okay and doesn't seem to see them anymore. Just all apart of Stage 6 Alzheimer's. I hope this stage lasts for a very long time, because Stage 7 is the end and she will have no way to communicate and will be bedridden. We have enough trouble with her pressure sore now, I can't even think about what will happen then. Though I do know, she will be here with me. There is room in her room for a hospital bed and we will have help coming in to see her daily, so I know she will be taken good care of.

Have a happy 4th! Be safe and enjoy the time with family and friends!

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