Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a busy day! First, we woke up to have Mom go to the general surgeon. He said Mom's pressure sore is a Stage 1, so that is good news for us! Yeah! He said at this point nutrition will be the most important thing. If she can gain some weight, that would be good too but protein, protein, and more protein! Just like the nurse said. I was glad to hear it wasn't any further than the first stage and it can heal nicely. So now I just need prayer for Mom to eat lots of protein! She did finish all the chicken in her dinner, she just didn't finish her vegetables (mostly the sweet potatoes). I have an ensure with high protein on the table for her to finish drinking by bedtime, so I am not too worried about her not finishing her vegetables.

After the general surgeon's appointment we headed to Tim Horton's for brunch. We were 1/2 way finished when our friend, Rosemary, arrived! Talk about timing! Mom had gotten a tuna wrap and a donut, but for some reason, this time she didn't like her tuna wrap. I went and got her a muffin so she could have that. While I was in line, our other friends came in for their snacks. I spoke to them for a few minutes. Apparently, they asked Ossana (the cashier) how we were doing and found out Mom had been so ill earlier this month. As they were leaving, they made a point to come and tell Mom that they were glad she is feeling better and home again. How sweet was that? I thought it was pretty awesome. We have such good friends around us.

Then from Tim Horton's we headed straight over to Heather B-T's house. Callie, as usual for the lovely young lady, came out of the house as we were walking up to the door. She loves helping Mom in and out of the house. She has such compassion for a 10 year old. I foresee her compassion just growing and growing as she gets older. She is such an amazing girl, simply amazing. Acer was still resting when we arrived. After we had been there a while, he woke up and joined us downstairs. He and I read a couple of books together. One of his favorite books he knows by heart. Reminds me of Andrew and I when we were that age. Mom would read to us and if she missed a word, we would let her know it. Kind of funny to think about now. Acer also has a couple of musical books that are really cool. Each page has a song that goes with it and you play the song on the side of the book. I did manage to get a couple of rows of knitting done while I was there. Not too much, but some. Someday, Mom's scarf will get finished. I am just sure when it will get done. I do have until the wintertime to finish it.

We are just relaxing now. Mom is a bit tired. She has already asked to go to bed. I asked her to stay awake a bit longer because it is so early right now. it is only 630 pm. I don't really like her to go to bed earlier than 8 pm otherwise she is up so early the next morning and that is not a good thing for either one of us.

The new plan for nighttime is working well. I put a bed liner underneath her. She doesn't need it for the lining part, but I don't like her to close the edge of the bed. So I put the liner underneath her and then I can move her into the center of her bed. It has worked really well since we started two nights ago. I also tuck a pillow under one side of her back and side so she is not completely on her back at night. This way the pressure is not completely on her pressure sore. We don't need that to get worse, we need it to improve.

I have a bad headache now, it started this morning, improved some, then came back during dinner. I had to take a pain pill to help it go back to the normal headache. I do ache a bit more today than normal, I am not sure why. It isn't humid or too cold or too hot out today, so I am at a bit of a loss of why I ache so much.

It is beautiful out today despite the extra pain. We have had a great day today. I hope you had a great day too. Happy July the first!!!


  1. What a relief when the doctor says things aren't as bad as you might have feared. Hope your mom will cooperate with her food and put on a little weight. My mom is eating but very little. Breakfast is probably her biggest meal, so I just keep getting out more things for her to eat every morning. I make her a mocha milk shake in the afternoon and sometimes that is her supper.
    Does you mom have an electric air mattress? The hospice team put one on Mom's bed, and it changes where the pressure is, so she does not have full weight on one spot all the time. It has helped.
    I am glad that your mom can get out and see things.

  2. Thanks Mya! I never thought of an electric air mattress, I will check into it. Getting Mom to eat is our biggest problem too. She just can't really tell if she is hungry anymore or not. Sometimes brunch (we don't get up very early in this house) is her biggest meal too.

  3. We were glad to have you visit (as always). Calli loves to help your mom, all her own idea. I've never prompted her or anything.