Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today was book club day! I haven't finished the book yet. I didn't want to read it so far away from book club because of my bad memory, yet I wanted to read it in enough time. Well, time got away from me and I got the book last weekend from Kathy. Alicia, Kathy's daughter, delivered it and another book to my car for me. How sweet was that? I thought it was awesome she wanted to give me the books to read. Maggie and I had a great time anyways. She said she had a feeling we wouldn't be talking to much about the book, but since I haven't seen her in 2 months, that was just fine. We had such a good time catching up on what has been going on in the last 2 months with us. She has been on vacation and I have been nursing Mom to health. She was really happy with how Mom looked today. Which is good because when Maggie last saw Mom it was about 2 days before she went into the hospital with the infection and dehydration. So it nice to know Mom looks healthy again. Mom took a nap while Maggie and I chatted. It was a great couple of hours. I just love book club days, even if we don't talk much about the book all the time. We have such stimulating conversations together. Not that Mom and I don't talk all the time, it is just nice to have someone else to talk to too. That could be why I enjoy Thursday knitting so much. I enjoy visiting with the kids but I also really enjoy talking to Heather B-T. There is something to be said about adult stimulating conversations at time and how needed they are. Mom just isn't really capable anymore and that saddens me. We used to be able to talk about everything and anything and sometimes nothing. Not anymore, she is too far gone. I know that underneath this illness is the same woman I have always known, but right now she is covered up by Alzheimer's. When we get to Heaven someday, I will be able to talk to her again and I look forward to that, but not for a long time, I hope.

Mom took a tumble this afternoon. I was on face book and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mom fall off her chair. I was able to catch her from hitting her head on the floor, but she still tumbled. I was able to get her off the floor. I moved her from underneath the table to out of the table so I could pick her up and move her. It all happened so quickly that I couldn't even catch my breath. She is okay, she landed lightly because I sort of caught her and she didn't bump anything, I think. Her head was nowhere near the floor or the shelving units. If she loses her balance again I will take her in to be checked for an infection as losing your balance could be a symptom of an urinary tract infection and we certainly don't need another infection. Not at all. I just got her in a good place health wise, and I aim to keep her there.

We are watching Walker, Texas Ranger season 7 disc 2. Mom and I enjoy watching these old shows. We also have JAG, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, and TJ Hooker. I have enough to be entertained for a couple of months. We only watch DVDs on Saturday and Sunday (when we are home).

I have a bad headache now, all on the left side of my face and head. It is very hot and humid out today. It has rained a bit, but we haven't gotten the storms that have been predicted, although with the heat and humidity this high, I wouldn't be surprised that we get them. My hands aren't too bad right now, although my left arm is sorer than usual.

I hope you are having a good day and are enjoying yourself. We are, despite the heat and humidity. I had fun with book club and I like watching TV with Mom.

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