Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The nurse discharged Mom today from home health care. The sore is gone and healed. Because she had a sore I have to put cream on that spot every day so that she doesn't get another one. I don't ever want her to get one of those again. They are just awful. I am glad hers didn't hurt her, because in stage 3 or 4 they do hurt, bad. She is rather restless today and I don't know why. She keeps playing with the receipts I need to shred. She just put one in her pocket. I don't know why she fiddles with stuff like that but she does. She doesn't really play with the toys I bought her. I am disappointed in that. I had hoped that the toys would capture her attention and give her something to play with. She likes to play with the Kleenex box and the Kleenexes. I had to throw away about 1/3 of the Kleenexes because she played with them and they were a mess. I was kind of mad about that because we went through a brand new box in a week and now we don't have any. I will be getting more but I am not putting them on the table for her to reach. I have to move everything away from her so she doesn't play with them. She also likes to play with my mouse and mouse pad, especially when I am on the computer. That actually annoys me because she pulls on the cords and then pulls on the computer and sometimes even pulls on the screen. I am afraid she may break my screen someday. The other computer may be put up soon but there won't be Internet because it won't reach downstairs. I just thought of that. Ugh, oh well, still have the little laptop which I love.

It is going to be a quieter type day here. I have to print off some stuff for the store paperwork that still needs to be done. I have to file the 2007 and 2008 sales and use tax return and I have to send the August 2008 sales and use tax return too. It is on the other computer and I don't think about doing it. I have needed to do it for 2 years now and I haven't. No, the State of Michigan doesn't forget these type things unfortunately. I also have to send some paperwork into the social security from the store. I have that paperwork handy so I am going to do that today too. It will be a semi productive day as far as paperwork is concerned. I also have to call in my payment of the sales and use tax that I still owe from the store. I really hate dealing with the store stuff, I mean I lost it 2 years ago, can't I just be done with it? I will be soon enough except for the payments, that will take a long time to pay because I don't have a lot of income to pay it off. I hope the paperwork I owe will be finished this weekend though so that part is finished.

Mom still has physical therapy left to do today. Lori should be here shortly. Her timing varies from day to day depending on her schedule. Mom has this week and next week left and then she is done with physical therapy. I plan to keep working with Mom on the exercises after she is officially finished with physical therapy. This way, she will keep getting stronger and not weaken after the end of physical therapy.

It is hot and muggy out because it is supposed to storm out later this afternoon. We aren't going anywhere so I am not concerned about the storms. We will be hiding inside from them. We are supposed to get some pretty severe storms too. Mom has been okay about storms. I keep the drapes closed so she doesn't see the bad weather and I don't have her in the living room during the bad storms. We stay here in the dining room during them.

I hope this finds you doing well.

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