Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a weekend! We left around 12 noon Friday to go to Kalamazoo. We arrived around 3:00 pm and headed straight to Kathy's house to see the little people. Matthew is still slightly (and I mean every so slightly) shorter than me. At 12, he is growing up so fast it is unbelievable. And Jacob? When did he grow so big? I can't believe the girls are going to be 4 years old next month. They are all growing so fast that it is not fair. We visited together for about an hour or so on Friday until Kathy had to make dinner and go to work. We went to the hotel right after that to check in and get some dinner. We had made reservations on for our hotel. On the website it said the hotel had an indoor pool and a restaurant. Unfortunately, the website was wrong, the restaurant was in the hotel across the parking lot. Now, for most people, a walk across the parking lot is a piece of cake, well for me, it was a long walk. Not so bad on the way there, but very bad on the way back. We had a quiet dinner, we were the only two in the restaurant. They were very nice because I asked for them to grill Mom a piece of chicken and mash a potato for her. They did! It wasn't on the menu and it was really nice of them to make that for her. She didn't eat much of it, but I appreciated it anyways. I had fish and chips. They were pretty good, not as good as the little cafe up the street from us, but good nonetheless. After that, Mom and I went back to the hotel room and watched a bit of TV before bed. We watched a new show for us, "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC, it was really interesting to watch brides pick their wedding dresses. Both Mom and I really enjoyed it.

On Saturday we got up early and had breakfast. Kathy and family and Laurie and family weren't expected until about 11:00 am so after breakfast I took a wee nap so that I would be fresh for the day. Kathy and family arrived first and then we went to the pool for the swimming. Laurie was running late so she came straight to the pool. I was very excited to see her as it has been 24 years (yes, years) since I have seen her. She brought her son to go swimming. All the kids and Kathy's husband, Tony, were in the pool. Mom took a little sleep while Kathy, Laurie, and I were all chatting happily away. We really enjoyed talking to each other as we had 24 years to catch up. After a bit, the kids and Tony got out of the pool and we all left. Mom and I headed to BK for lunch (not my first choice, but the restaurant was closed). Mom ate pretty well, I mean she finished all her milk and 1/2 of her cheeseburger. I didn't expect her to finish it all as she never really does, but she finished as much as she could. I finished my lunch, as usual, as I don't have the lack of appetite problem. Then we went to pick up Kathy to go to Barnes and Noble, on of both of ours favorite place. Nothing like a short visit to a book store. I only got 1 book and a new planner. It is a weekly planner which also has a place in the back for phone numbers and addresses. The one I currently have doesn't have that spot and I need it for my students' numbers and addresses. Rather important for me. I will start to use it this week. It is really pretty too. It has purple flowers on it. I bought a book that looks like it will be interesting for book club next month, unless someone else has suggestions. (I have 1 week to read the book club book for Saturday!)

After the book store we went back to Kathy's and hung out and talked and played with the kids before dinner. Kathy made Mom and I dinner and Mom ate the whole thing! It was really good, ravioli's. I gave Mom 4 to eat and she ate them all. I was really impressed with her. Then we went back to the hotel for more swimming. This time we didn't have the pool to ourselves, but that was okay. Tony and the kids still had a good time. Kathy and I chatted away as we watched the kids swim. Alicia and Samantha seemed to really like swimming. They are taking swimming lessons every week. They seem to enjoy it. Alicia was really swimming around like there was no tomorrow. Samantha seemed to enjoy swimming with Tony more than anything. Both were really cute and adorable. Matthew and Jacob swam and played together. I really enjoyed watching all the kids swimming. After about 1 1/2 hours, it was time to get out of the pool and for the Heyart family to go home. Mom and I were planning on spending time with Kathy and family on Sunday morning and early afternoon, but several big thunderstorms were predicted that afternoon so we cancelled those plans and planned to leave in the morning to come home. I didn't want to drive in storms with Mom in the car. She gets really nervous with bad weather and I didn't want to have to deal with that. I haven't driven with Mom in bad weather for about 2 years and she is so nervous now as it is, that I just haven't had the need to. I don't take her anywhere in a car in bad weather if I can help it.

We got home about 1 pm. I took a bit of a nap until my cousin, Maia, came over to drop off some stuff for storage. She and Mark stopped by in the afternoon for a few minutes. She just moved into a new house and Mark has some stuff he is giving her for her new house so she is storing it in our garage for a few weeks. Not a problem for us, we don't use the garage for much except for storage these days. Yes, someday it would be nice for my little car to be in the garage for the winter, but hey, if it doesn't happen, oh well, the little car will be just fine.

Mom is doing much better these days, she is perked more and even teasing now. She hasn't shown her sense of humor in about 8 months. It is truly wonderful. Her color is better and she has more energy now. This new high protein diet is really improving her a lot. I am quite happy with what is happening to her. Physical therapy seems to be helping her too. Her sore is getting better. We are putting cream on it all the time to keep it dry, but the protein is helping it heal. Overall, it is very good. I even had to ask her to be quiet so I could sleep when I wanted to take my nap! She was so chatty! It was the so good, but I was so tired and needed to get some sleep.

Overall, it was a great mini vacation. We really needed to get away. I am so glad we were able to go.

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