Monday, July 12, 2010

Wow, what a busy day!!! First the phone began to ring about 8:45 am. Now, as most of you know, I am not a morning person and to be awake at, well, 8:45 am, is generally not happening. However, I answered it in case it was important. It was important. The company that is going to do Mom's bath as soon as her Medicaid comes in, was on the phone. Her name is Crystal and she is going to help get this moving so Mom can get the chore help we need. Good thing I answered the phone. I didn't sleep much at all last night so I was sort of awake, not really, but enough to hear the phone and answer nicely. I, of course, went back to bed after that. The phone rang again at about 11:15 am, it was my friend, Donna. She wanted to know if I could take her granddaughter, Sam, to pick up her Prom dress she had being held at a local store. I didn't see a problem, so I said yes. So I got up and got both Mom and I ready and headed out to pick up Sam. As we drove it started to pour, I mean, a big downpour. When we got to the store I dropped Sam off at the door and went and parked while she ran in to get her dress. I was not getting Mom out of the car in that downpour. I didn't want to get soaked either. So a little bit later I saw her waiting at the door and went and got her. After that we went to our usual, Tim Horton's for brunch. It was fun. I also managed to drop Samantha back off at her house and be back at our house in time for Bob's lesson. He brought pictures of his vacation, they looked like they had a good time. Callie and Frank had their lessons too. Callie won't have one for the next 3 weeks because she will be at camp and then her family's vacation. She seems to be really looking forward to the camp. 2 weeks sounds like a blast and then a family vacation on top of that? Just sounds very cool. Frank has competition this week, he isn't quite ready. I am a bit worried about that. Usually at this point he is done polishing up his pieces and ready to play. However, not this time. He says he will be practicing a lot between now and Friday when he plays his first piece. I hope he does well. When he is ready, he is awesome, really really great.

Outside of the 2 downpours, the weather has been a bit humid and muggy and hot. It is supposed to stay that way for a while, unfortunately. More possible rain tomorrow and Thursday, and more hot and muggy weather for the week. Yuck. Hope this passes soon.


  1. Hi Heather,
    What kind of music do you teach, and how about the sewing lessons?
    Also I was interested in what kind (you mentioned in an earlier post) of "fiddle" objects you were getting for your mom. My mom can still fold wash cloths, but she gets tired of that chore; however, it does keep her busy with purpose for a short while.

    One reason I was asking is because I do not want to overlook something that my mom might also be able to use.

    A friend sent me some things that my mom just shows no interest in, but who knows maybe they would work for you mother. Trying to have mom hold things with different textures, and shapes (hopefully for stimulus) my friend sent colorful sponges - sink scrubbies - soft, sponge like material balls about the size of golf balls - soft plastic balls that fit in your hand - baby's link chains that you can take apart and put back together. I put a few things in a large recycled butter container, and set them beside her when she was on the couch. I was hoping that she would simply fiddle with them. I did not think that she would be able to put the links together. For about ten minutes she went through the container, then she asked me what they were for. I told her they were to look at and hold, exercise her hands with the balls - she was not interested, actually she asked. "Who would want to do that?" I have managed to get her to exercise with the plastic and sponge balls a little bit.

    I wish you and your mom good luck.

  2. Hi Mya! I teach voice, clarinet, saxophone, and piano. The are these little blocks that my friend Debbie told me about. The are called Finger Fidgetz from creative kid stuff. I ordered them Monday so I should be getting them tomorrow. I don't know if they would work. My mom can't fold things anymore. I will look into the golf size sponge things too. I don't think she can do baby links anymore either. What stage is your Mom in? Mine is in stage 6. She can still communicate, not greatly, but she is still able to. Most of the time I know what she wants.

    I hope things are going well for you and your mom.