Monday, July 26, 2010

It was a great day, 5 lessons!!! Yup! 5 of them. It would have been 7 but 2 students are absent due to camps. One is a mini band camp and the other is at the Bear Lake camp. First up was the Muglia house. Natalie, Hannah, and Lydia all had their piano lessons first thing in the afternoon. We got up early to be there on time and we were still about 5 or so minutes late! Ugh! Someday, I will get there on time again. I hate being late for anything. Mom did pretty well, she asked to see me a couple of times during the first lesson, Natalie's. I was not happy but what could I do? Between Natalie and Lydia's lessons I moved Mom into their living room where she fell asleep and no more problem! It was a great solution to that issue. After the 3 lessons we headed back home to be there in time for Aggie's lesson. I had to call Aggie on the way to let her know we may be late and we were, about 5 minutes. Then Aggie and I looked for some of the music she needed and it turns out I don't have it. That is a drag. I will look to see what book it is in, because I swear I thought I had the book. I will be checking into it. Bob arrived for his lesson at the end of Aggie's. She is almost finished with her Broadway pieces, she has a bad habit of singing through rests so she has a few she must fix to be done with the songs. Bob has picked 2 new classical pieces to work on, Mozart's Sonata and a Bach Two Part Invention. They are really nice songs and I think he will enjoy learning them. I love the songs he chose. He also took my advice to go on YouTube to watch some pianists play those particular pieces. Frank is the one who told me about it. He chose his competition pieces by what he liked to hear.

Mom is playing with the table cloth again. She does this often. I bought her the fiddling toys, but she doesn't really use them, she fiddles with Kleenex, empty boxes, and table cloths instead. Oh yeah, she also plays with my computer mouse and mouse pad. It is very strange and sometimes annoying. I don't know how to change her focus to fiddling with something else. I have tried a few other things that just haven't worked.

It is pretty nice out today not too humid but the humidity is coming back tomorrow, I think. Yuck, I really hate the humidity. We will also have some storms again. I can't wait for summer to be over and fall to be here. For some crazy reason, my left arm, where it has never hurt, is now hurting. Where it usually hurts, it doesn't, but the back part of the arm does. Strange, I know. My head isn't too bad today, just the normal ache. I wonder what it is like not to have a headache. I really don't remember, I have had a headache for about 6 years now. I can't remember what it is like not to have pain somewhere in my head. Of course, I have had pain somewhere in my body for so long I don't remember a pain free body either. Such is the course of a life with fibromyalgia.

Not too much happening for the rest of the week. I have 2 lessons tomorrow and then 1 more on Saturday, Mom has the visiting nurse visit and 2 visits from the physical therapist, but other than that, we have nothing planned. I do need to go and get my blood medicine tomorrow as well as some more ensure plus for Mom. We don't need any new groceries because we have enough in the freezer and Michelle loaded us up with food for the week. I separated the mashed potatoes into 6 different smaller containers. We finished the turkey tonight so tomorrow we will have the pulled pork. I will be freezing some of that too because it is a big container. I froze the oriental chicken and rice also. Next time I go shopping I am planning to get some cabbage and bacon. Michelle makes a really cool dish with that so I am going to try it. She said it doesn't take too long so standing may not be a problem. I will attempt it next month. Mom eats better when I make fresh food (I know, big shock!) Although, she does eat the frozen cooked chicken well and likes it a lot. That is what she gets a lot because she needs the protein for her sore.

Mom's pressure sore is getting smaller. She is doing really well with eating and drinking a lot of protein. She has really benefited with change of diet. She is much stronger than she was a couple months ago. She does still have some trouble at night with the stairs, but that depends on how tired she is. If she is very tired, then she has a bit of trouble. I asked her if it hurts to go up and she has said no every time I ask, so I am not worried about that anymore. This morning she woke up before me (nothing unusual in that) and got a bit upset because she couldn't see anyone. When our money comes in this week we are going to get some monitors so I can put one in her room and one in mine. We can also use them when she is in the living room and I am working or busy in another room. This way, I can be in another room from Mom and still hear her if she needs me.

Well, storms and humidity are on the way. I hope you are staying cool and dry in this weather. I hope you are having a good day and enjoying yourself!

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  1. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by! I think chocolate should be a food group too!

    I have had a headache all afternoon, think the weather is changing..wish I had a barometer to check the pressure but i thought I heard t storms tomorrow possibly. I havent had a headache for a couple weeks so I am bummed:(

    Glad your mom is doing ok, you too...