Thursday, August 19, 2010

Angela is here giving Mom her bath and hair wash. She is so good with Mom and Mom can be difficult when she is confused and upset. But from the sounds of it, Mom is doing alright. I think it helped that we went early to Tim Horton's so we would be home by 12 noon for Mom to take a small nap before Angela gets here. When she is done, I will put her in the living room for another little nap before we go to Heather B-T's house.

I am not feeling very well today. I took my vitamin (for macular degeneration) and I had food with it but my stomach is still upset. I don't get it. I did have a major pain on my right side earlier but it is almost gone right now. My head is normal so I don't understand the stomach issue. Whatever, who knows with this stupid illness and everything else that goes with it. It drives me crazy at times and this is one of them. I am slightly dizzy too, but not too much today. If it doesn't improve we won't be able to go anywhere and I want to see my friend and her family. Mom and I so enjoy our visits with them.

Mom didn't do too well on her physical therapy yesterday, she couldn't do much because it was so late in the day. The therapist and I agreed she needs to come earlier because after Mom naps and it gets close to dinner she just can't focus as well to do her exercises.

It is a bit hot out today but it looks absolutely gorgeous out through the windows. Maia's boyfriend, Mark, cleaned the dining room windows. They are wonderful now. I didn't even notice how dirty they were until he did them. He did both sides, inside and out. We have the type of windows that you can do both sides really easy in the house. No need to go outside at all.

I have another load of laundry to do but I need Mom's dirty socks (and mine stuff from yesterday) so I can finish up the laundry. Now that it is caught up, it is really easy to do. I do about 2 loads a week, sometimes 3 and that's that. Pretty cool, huh? With just the two of us, we don't have much laundry like we did when 4 of us lived here. I remember having to do about 2 loads per day just to keep up. Now it is a piece of cake thanks to Maia and Calli. Calli brought most of my clothes upstairs for me. That was really nice of her. I just have 2 baskets that need to be emptied. I need to clean out 2 drawers this weekend and then the clothes can go in them and it will be up to date in the Heather room.

Not much going on right now with Mom getting her bath and hair done. We do have a busyish type day though which is very nice. Tomorrow, not so much busy because all we have is the physical therapist coming. I am planning to finish Natalie's skirt so it will be ready for her for Monday when I finally get to see my girls! I can't wait! It has been an entire month since I have seen them. I should know in the next few weeks what our sewing schedule will be. We haven't sewn since June and that is just too long for me. I miss my girls a lot. They are such nice young ladies and they are so eager to learn. I can't believe the twins will be in 9th grade and Lydia is in 8th grade this year. High school already and close to high school. Crazy if you ask me, simply crazy.

Next week I am going to get a memory card for the camera. I am going to take pictures of the violins and violas and then post them. Once I have a memory card I will be able to post pictures of stuff and that will be fun. I think I know how, it is just a matter of getting the memory card. It is a pink camera! I love pink!

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day. I hope by the time we are ready to leave I will feel better. So far, it isn't looking to good, but, hey, I have some time before we leave.


  1. I have a friend that has some of the same health issues you do. She too can only go moment to moment never sure how she will feel. I know it must be frustrating trying to take care of someone else when you are not sure how you will feel. Wish I could tell you of some new medicine, food, or therapy that was a winner, and if I ever do hear I will pass if on.
    It doesn't do much to help, but know that people do care.

  2. Hi Heather, I hope you are feeling better today..If I knew of a miracle I would surely pass it along to you and then we could both get well! But we can pray for each other..

    I hope you post some pictures, would love to see some!