Monday, August 9, 2010

Mom is home! She is very exhausted (more than normal) and kind of ornery. It was actually kind of funny but she threatened to kick my butt (use the a word instead - which she never ever uses) and you get the picture because Tillie and I were trying to get her up the stairs. I don't look forward to the stairs tonight. Tillie goes home tomorrow morning at around 8:30. I will still be sleeping and hopefully Mom will be too. I am keeping her up a bit because I want her to sleep really well and long! Tillie put up another railing for the upstairs so we have a railing on each side of the stairs now. I hope it helps us get Mom up the stairs tonight. I dread that but we will get it done.

It has been a decent day despite 2 lessons missing. Frank is back from camp but needs a week to practice and Aggie forgot about it. Calli is back and she had a great time at camp. She really enjoyed it. It rained a lot at camping with the family so they came home a bit early. She is at day camp this week. I love hearing about kids and their camps. I loved camp as a child and I want every child who goes to camp to have a good time too.

Tomorrow I am meeting Georgette for lunch and I am really excited about it. I haven't seen her in a month and it will be fun. I do have one student at 4:30 but we will back long before the lesson. I have to get Mom back on her schedule tomorrow. I figure by Thursday or Wednesday she will be back on schedule.

I am in a bit of pain tonight, partly because of stress and partly because of weather. It looks like it is going to storm tonight. I hope I sleep through it. I hope this finds you doing well.

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  1. See I commented on your first post without realizing your mom was already hoome, that is great news..hopefully she is doing well..but stll remember to take care of YOU. Have a fun lunch with your friend!!