Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We just came back from Mom's Neurologist appointment. She was shocked at how thin Mom was. I explained what has happened since we last saw her and she was surprised. She would like to know when Mom goes into the hospital. I will call her and keep her updated if there is a next time. As for the crying and anxiousness, she has add Lorazapan again, this time with the heriparodol. (however you spell them) She use them as needed so probably every morning she will need it until she calms down and then probably as she needs them. I feel so bad for her, she wakes up to tears and goes to sleep to tears. Well, hopefully this will help the little Mom. We are having a good day so far, she has only cried a bit and once in the doctor's office. I have to have her gain at least 10 pounds so that she is up to close to 100 pounds. It is actually 13 because she weighs 87 pounds right now.

We will have a home care worker for several weeks this time. I was smart and did not turn this help down. Her name is Angela and she is the daughter of the previous nurse, Sherri. We really liked Sherri but she is going on vacation so no new patients for her. I will keep her number though for the future reference. Angela is coming on Friday to give Mom a shower and do her hair. I am excited for this. She knows we have a shower chair and that we have a regular shower head and not a hand held. We have tried to change it, but we need a plumber because of the type ours is. Something doesn't come out when it should type thing. I can't afford a plumber right now, so it isn't going to get done at this point. Maybe in the future. We shall see.

I took a good nap today. I had some really weird dreams though. Not that that is unusual, I have often have weird dreams in the afternoon. Mom slept a bit too, not sure how much since I was asleep. She just stayed in her chair while I rested and then we went to the doctor's. Tomorrow is a big day and I am so excited for it. First up is the blood test, okay, I am not excited about that. But then, we are meeting Mike for lunch! We haven't seen him in 2 years so how cool is that? Then Zachary has a lesson and lastly we head for Heather B-T's for knitting. I love busy days like this. Somewhere in here I have to fill a prescription for Mom's new medicine. I will fit it in somehow. I figure we will drop it off in the morning and pick it up in the evening or drop it off this evening. That will work perfectly. Tomorrow will be the 2nd time in a week that I will be going to Max and Erma's! Tillie and I went there on Sunday. I hadn't been there in 2 years and now I am going 2 times in one week. Go figure!

It is really hot out right now. I hate this kind of weather. It is really bad, super hot and muggy. It looks like it is going to downpour soon. Probably will. I hope this finds you doing well and staying cool! It sure has been a hot summer so far! My head is pounding from all this humidity and mugginess. I am used to it to some degree, but still, it is a drag to have a pounding headache instead of just an ordinary headache during the day.

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