Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today will be a quiet day for us. Not much going on but that is okay. The bit of excitement we had earlier today was when we were at Tim Horton's and Mom nearly passed out. Fortunately, there was a really nice lady there who told me to go and get Mom seated and she would bring us our tray. She even got Mom's milk out and the straw in for us. Wasn't that the sweetest thing? I mean, really, how nice can you be to complete strangers. Definitely an angel in waiting in her. Mom is still a bit dizzy when she stands. I gave her some of her dizzy medicine. If it doesn't improve, I will have to take her in and I really don't want to do that to her. It is so hard on her in the ER, she doesn't know which way is up and what is going on. But, if it is necessary, I most certainly will have her looked at. We don't need her to have any problems right now. She has enough of them.

Overall, I must say, we have been very lucky. There are SO many nice people out there. We often have doors held for us, or our trays brought to the table to us, and just a host of other things done for us. We are very blessed with that. The people in this area are very nice and friendly to others. Only once can I remember a dirty look from someone when I was taking Mom somewhere. I don't remember where we were, but it was like, why is she out? kind of look, you know what I mean? That was several years ago too and Mom was much better then. Kind of makes me wonder what the woman would think of me bringing Mom out now. Mom enjoys getting out of the house. She is in the living room for her rest time. I will probably join her soon as I am a bit tired today. My knee is pretty sore today. Stupid knee, it was supposed to be better by now like it usually is. Usually the knee acts up for a few days and then goes back to normal. It should be fine in a few more days. It is just a fibro flare up.

Kathy is in town this weekend! Today is her brother's wedding reception. It should be lovely. I bet the family is having a good time. Tomorrow, Kathy and I are going out for a short bit of time. Mom loves visiting with Kathy. She is coming too. I am glad Kathy doesn't mind. She totally understands that I can't leave Mom alone in the house at all. Who knows what I would come home too? I don't mean a messy house or something like that. I mean, would she still be in the house when I got home? She may wander off and that would be bad. She hasn't wandered in a few weeks, but that doesn't mean she is done wandering. Kathy and I are going to Applebee's for lunch/dinner. I am excited about that. I have a gift certificate from Christmas to use! How cool!

I think most of today will be a Walker, Texas Ranger season 8 day. Mom enjoys the show and we are almost done watching the entire series. We then will move on to either Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mysteries, JAG, TJ Hooker, or Scarecrow and Mrs. King. She loves all of those shows. Today, I am also going to list all of our bills and then pay some. I bought new folders and notebooks to keep better track of our bills. I have done pretty well, but I like to be super organized and I don't feel just keeping the bills on the table is organized enough. They need to be filed and put away when they are paid. I bought a new expandable file (it's pink, of course) for them too. The notebooks are Tinkerbell. She is just wonderful and one of my favorite Disney characters. Of course, we all know that Pooh Bear is my favorite!

I hope this finds you doing well!!!


  1. Hello Heather :0)
    Thank you for the very kind comment on my blog...much appreciated.
    Your mother likes the same TV shows as I do...I remember seeing those programmes when I was younger. I also loved Hardcastle and McCormick and Airwolf :0)
    Hope you are both well this evening.
    *Waving from Scotland*

  2. Glad you had such a sweet angel to help you out. I like to think that most folks will help if they see the need. Do unto others as you would have them do for you.
    I also go crazy when my bills, etc..are all over..I have not gotten very organized in this house and drives me crazy..tooday I was going to do some shredding but I can barely keep my eyes open..ugh

    Have a good evening Heather and Mom:) also thank you for all your prayers for our Ed. He HAS to come through this.