Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mom seems to be back to normal today. She brushed her own teeth like she always used to. She came down the stairs no problem. She even got up from her chair a couple of times by herself, with no help from me. She walked around the kitchen by herself too without any guidance. She is definitely having a better day.

I have decided that the hospital bed that was delivered needs to move upstairs because Mom doesn't like being downstairs from me and I am too nervous to leave her on that level by herself. There is just too much that can go wrong. I will see if Mom likes the bed and if it is easier for her. I do like the bed and I will move over Mom's bed and then put the hospital bed next to it. This way both beds will fit in her room and she will be near me. The man that delivered the bed said he could move it anywhere I would like. I will be getting stuff for it this week after our money comes in as it is a different size than a regular twin bed. It is the size of a dorm bed, or an extra long twin and of course, I have no sheets or blankets that size. I also will make up Mom's bed and find her bedspread to cover her old bed this week so that it looks nice and ready to be slept in if someone needs too. We shall see how this works.

It is a better day for me too. I don't feel stressed out like I did earlier in the week. I also learned from my friend, Deb, that us Fibro people can get chest pains that mimic a heart attack but it is just the fibro. I think that is what happened. Yes, I am still going to the heart doctor to make sure my heart is fine, but I do think it was a stress attack and nothing more serious. I have been under stress this summer with all that has gone on. Mom and I need to go away again and have some fun. Next weekend on Sunday shall be fun because Kathy will be in town and she and I always have a blast. I can't wait to see her. I hear Applebee's calling our name. We are going there because it is the last gift certificate I have from last year's Christmas present from my brother's family. I loved the gift cards we got. It was a great idea and Mom and I and Kathy have thoroughly enjoyed using them. I will be starting to save up for Christmas presents when our money comes in. I will be socking away some so that we have enough for our Christmas presents. I am going to get Mom some new books and probably a couple of new outfits or something like that. It is a long time until Christmas so I have plenty of time to shop. I like to start shopping early so that I don't spend as much money and it is spread over time so that I can get what I want for people. This year, we are putting up a tree for the first time in a couple of years, unless we aren't going to be home again. In that case, we will not have a tree depending on when we won't be home. If it is just Christmas day, then we will have a tree, but if it is for a week or so, we won't. Then again, Mom really loves Christmas decorations so we will see what shape she is in. This past year, she has really gone down. It was like she zipped through the end of stage 4, straight through stage 5 and has settled in stage 6. I am hoping she stays here for a while longer. Stage 7 is the last stage and they are usually bed bound and have zero communication skills at that point. At that point I will be able to have hospice here 24/7 to help me. I do hope that stage stays away for a long, long, long time.

We have a different type week for our schedule this week. Monday will be super busy for us. I have my lovely 3 girls lessons, then I have 2 more while Mom has physical therapy and her bath. I am looking forward to the week though. I think on Friday we will have time to get her hair cut. I think she will look so cute with a bob and bangs. I want her hair just below the chin level because she looks so cute with it at that length. She hasn't had bangs in a long time, but I will ask the hair dresser since she is the expert but I think bangs will look cute on her.

We stopped for a treat at Starbucks and they messed up my drink. I was rather mad since they screwed it up, I can't drink it. Mom is slowly drinking her strawberries and cream drink. I wanted a chocolate one, and they made it with coffee. I hate coffee so I didn't drink mine at all. I will let them know next time we go that they messed up.

I got my Richard Simmon's exercise DVD yesterday and the new foodmover. The foodmover is purple, one of my favorite colors. i have already started to use it, although the starbucks was not on the list so I suppose it was better that I didn't get to drink it.

It is nice and cool out today! So beautiful that when we went out I was sad that we couldn't go for a walk. Although Mom is walking quite well today, I don't want to push it and have her fall or anything so no walking for us! I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your day!


  1. HOORAH for good days!!!!!

    Glad to hear Mom is having a great day. Helps with the tension and stress. Also glad to hear that you will see a heart doctor. Always good to have it checked.

    Something I learned when my Mom was with us...Alzheimer people don't like change. They get highly irratated. This stage is before they don't know to care. :D Sounds like she was upset about the new bed.

    If you got a dog now, Mom might trip on the dog. You will enjoy the company of a dog once she has passed away. You probably don't have time for now between Mom, music lessons, etc

    Bless you Heather. I know the committment it takes to care for your Mom. Hugs

  2. Hi Deb!

    Yes, I agree, the bed was too much of a change. It wasn't my idea to get it or I would have said no right now. I shouldn't have accepted it when it arrived but I thought we would try it out. maybe later she will need it, but right now she doesn't. Someday i plan to have a dog, just not right now. She is doing so well today that I wish it was like this everyday!