Monday, August 23, 2010

It has been a good day today. Mom is doing really well and I am not bad. My left knee is giving me problems, but that will go away in a day or so (it usually does). I called the bed company and they will pick it up this week. I told him she just didn't like it. When she is farther down she may need one, but not right now. I did talk to Tillie and told her and she is disappointed about it but what can either of us do? Mom really didn't like. She doesn't do well with change and that was a big change. If we need one in the future, then we will call this company back, but not until then.

We also are not getting a dog. With Mom in the condition she is in, her physical therapist and doctor both say she shouldn't get one. I can always get one later in life after Mom is gone, right now is the time for it.

I had 4 lessons today. I was expecting 5, but young Miss Calli has a sore throat so it is best she stay home and rest. I had the Muglia girls and Bob. The girls are doing really well. Hannah and Natalie are working on Mozart's Alla Turca. I love that piece. It is one of my absolute favorites. All three are working on a Sonatina by Clementi. I just love Clementi's Sonatinas. They will play many of them during their time with lessons as there are so many to chose from. Frank will have his lesson later this week as he has Marching Band practice this evening. I remember marching band. I loved it when I was in high school. It was the highlight of the school year. We even were able to go to Florida and march in the Orange Bowl Parade New Year's Eve. After the parade, back at the hotel, the band teacher and chaperones threw us students a New Year's Eve party. It was great. My friends and I had a good time together. I hope to find some pictures of us so I can submit them to the reunion committee for the slide show. I think it would be fun. Karlyn and Kathy had a great time (as far as I know) too although we didn't room together. So I am hoping Frank has a good time with his marching band whatever they do.

It is so nice out today. It is nice and cool. The sun is out now although it rained a bit earlier. I didn't mind. Our grass can use the rain. Mom is better in weather like this than she is in too cold or too hot weather. Mom is in the living room relaxing right now. She didn't want to come into the dining room with me. Hey, whatever the little lady wants (within reason of course) the little lady gets. She wasn't really sleeping and she hasn't had a nap today but she is very alert today so that is great for us.

Angela, the home health care aide, came to give Mom a bath this afternoon. She looks so cute after a bath. I hope to get her hair cut this week. Lori, the physical therapist, was here too. Mom did so well with her exercises, it was truly awesome to see. She lifted her legs up nice and high and did all her reps. It was great. Evelyn, the nurse, is on her way to see Mom. She is coming 2 times a week for about another 3 weeks then she will drop back to 1 time a week for 5 weeks. After that she will be done. Mom doesn't qualify for regular Medicaid, but the social worker is looking to see what programs are out there to help us. I hope to there is one that will help with the bath and the hair. That does truly help me. I can have Carolyn come and stay with Mom when I need respite care, but the bath and hair wash help me the most. Mom is very cooperative with Angela too, so that is good. She has adjusted to that perfectly. She does get nervous to do a few tasks just like she does with me, but nothing more than the usual. I warned Angela what she gets nervous about so she knew ahead of time. I wouldn't want to surprise her.

Well, I hope you are having a good day. We certainly are. The pain level is medium, except for the knee. That is quite painful and it is almost time for another pain pill. It started on Friday night and has improved some. I sat on the couch with my feet up and that is what caused it. When I sit with my feet up it has to be on the chair because the couch is at a bad level for me. Silly me. The furniture was all moved around which is why i didn't really notice where i was sitting. Have a great evening!


  1. Glad you are having a good day Heather. We need them more often. Don't you agree? When my Mother-in-Law was very ill, her hairdresser was willing to come to the house instead of us taking her out. I was so appreciative. At that time, I was still bathing her and her hair became an issue. Much easier to have it short. Of course she was at the stage of not knowing her hair was short.

    Remember to take care of your knee! Hugs

  2. Oh best friend has FM and she suffers so much. I pray one day there will be a cure...

    Love to you~