Sunday, August 1, 2010

We were at my cousin, Lia's, baby shower. It was in a bar/restaurant type place. At first, it was really loud that frightened Mom. Luana, my cousin, Lia's aunt, asked Lia to turn down the music because it was so loud and frightening for Mom. Lia did right away. Mom was nervous at first, we were in a strange place and there were more people around than usual but once the guitar players started calming down. She was very tired though because she is usually asleep between 2 and 4 or 1 and 3 and we didn't have a rest today. The shower was at 2 pm, so no rest for Mom and she didn't sleep in the car ride there. I had hoped she would, but she didn't. She doesn't sleep in cars much anymore. I don't know if it is because she isn't tired at the time or if she is too nervous to sleep.

Tillie didn't stay at the shower very long because Luana had to go to a BBQ and Tillie rode with Luana. She missed the opening of presents and that is about it. She wanted us to stop by after the shower, but by the time the shower was over and we took Danielle, Elizabeth, and Maia home, Mom was wiped so we went straight home. As it was, we got home about 6:45 pm. If we had gone we would have been home even later and that would be bad for Mom.

I have a bit of a bad headache now. It is really annoying. I took a pain pill so I hope it kicks in soon. Well, time to give Mom her nighttime medicines. She did pretty well with taking it at that time with taking her medicine but she is pretty tired tonight.

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