Friday, August 6, 2010

We have had a lazy type day. We got up and went to the usual, then Mom had physical therapy and did alright. It took some doing but she finally finished her exercises. She was having a hard time with the left leg for some reason. Some days are good, some days are not and it all depends on her. I cooked a roast in the crock pot and Mom didn't want any. I plan to separate it up and put it in the freezer now that it is cooked. Mom likes beef but who knows what is going on in her mind. I was disappointed that she didn't like the meat. I think it was a bit chewy for her, but still, I thought she would like it.

I took a long nap today even though I didn't sleep that badly last night. I was reading at the table last night so we ended up going to bed a bit later than usual. Mom slept in too. We tried the baby monitors that I bought last night too. It is so loud! I mean, really, really loud! White noise, so for about 2 hours I couldn't sleep until I was exhausted and turned it off, which is probably why I am so tired today.

It is nice and cool today, not hot at all! I love it. This is my kind of summer weather. Supposedly showers and massive heat wave next week during the week. Yuck, I can't wait until fall. I am such a fall girl so is Mom. Mom is putting a tissue on her head right now. I don't know why. Her head isn't sweating or dirty. I meant to get her hair cut today, but I fell asleep instead so we will go next week. I want her hair cut before we go to my uncle's. No special reason, just want it done by them.

Not much going on this weekend, we don't have any plans except our usual. I, hopefully, will start some of the Christmas ornaments that I have been meaning to start. My hands have been very painful lately so I haven't started anything. I wonder if Tillie would like to do any. Hmm, or Maia? Maybe, crafting with friends are so fun. I can't wait until Monday when I get to hear all about the camps Calli and Frank have been attending!

It is really nice out here today. Hope it is for you too!

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  1. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments..I alway love it when you stop by my posts!

    Hope you get a decent nights sleep tonight sweets..