Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's official. I have lost the keys (naturally both of them) to the scooter. One used to sit on my key chain and I have absolutely no memory of taking it off. I had them on May 25 when I last used the scooter, but have no idea what happened to them since. I called the scooter store (where I got the scooter) and they will call me back tomorrow. I am really upset over this because without those keys, it won't run and there are times when I need it. I don't remember where they could possibly be. I have checked purses and coat pockets where they might be and there is just no answer to the question. They are simply gone. I really hope they are easy to replace. I mean, they are generic keys, one key works on all of them, type thing. But still, how could I have lost them? I am always so careful with them and now I have lost them. I could just scream. The lady on the phone said it shouldn't be a problem. I hope not. I don't need it anytime soon, but you never know when I might. I go to stores that have scooters because, quite frankly, mine is very hard for me to put together because it is so heavy. I need a rest when i am done lifting it out of the car. Kathy did most of the lifting today and poor girl, had to lift it in and then right back out when we realized I didn't have the key to it. It was probably for the best we didn't go to the mall because Mom was so tired when we got back from Walmart and we only went into the pharmacy area. We didn't go through the whole store like Kathy and I normally do.

Mom and I picked up Kathy about 12 noon and went for Applebee's. We had a great time. We got an appetizer of spinach dip and chips. Boy, was that awesome. Mom didn't have any, but I didn't expect her to either. She said she wanted a burger for lunch, so I ordered a burger, knowing that the chances of her eating it was slim. I was right, we have the 2 mini burgers in the fridge for her dinner. She did drink 2 glass of milk though so I was happy. She had had an Ensure before we left so I wasn't worried she would be hungry. She is in the living room right now. I put her in there when we got home around 2:30 thinking she may take a nap. She is still awake, two hours later. She can sleep if she wants or she doesn't have too. It is all up to the little Mom. Kathy and I both got burgers and boy, they were huge and yummy. Yes, I know, not necessarily on the Richard Simmons plan. I also got us Starbucks on the way back to her parents house. I forgot to take the games to Kathy's house. I knew there was something I forgot. I will have to give them to her another time. Maybe Mom and I will take a day trip out there or something. We shall see. We had a great time though. I love spending time with her. I got a brief "hi" out of her girls when I picked up Kathy. She is going to the Disney Store in the mall. Originally, I was going to go with her, but it is probably for the best we didn't go since Mom is so tired. Of course, now so am I.

Anyways, my knee is still sore and being stupid. It is really annoying me, but there isn't anything I can really do about it except take pain pills and try to exercise and massage it, which I do frequently.

Not much happening besides teaching this week. I am looking forward to fall. Only 1 week left and the students will all be back into school. Richard's birthday is Saturday. I won't see him, but I will hopefully talk to him. He is turning 46 years old. It doesn't quite seem possible that he is that old, but he is. Of course, I sometimes feel older and younger all at the same time.

Mom looks really cute in her new hoodie. Kathy thought so too.


  1. Hi Heather! How frustrating!! my fibro has kept me housebound most of the time for too long! I hope you have more good days, and find your keys too!!

  2. Heather, I'm sorry you lost your keys. They probably will show up AFTER you replace them. That is what always happens to me. I hope your knee gets better. Did you sprain it or something? I'm got arthritis in mine, they crack and pop when I walk. Not very pleasant! Feel better soon!
    Gentle hugs,

  3. The keys will show up in the most unusual place like beside your toothbrush!

    Hope your knee recoups quickly.