Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We are both rather tired today. The stress of the weekend, I think has added up. I put Mom in the living room at 3 pm and she is still sleeping 2 1/2 hours later. She is so exhausted. I will wake her up when the nurse gets here. It isn't the same nurse. Darn, I am sure I will like this one, but I really liked Sherri. I am sure Mom will like the new one too. No big deal, really. I am just surprised we are getting home care again, but hey! If it will help the little person feel better, then I am all for it. I have to pick up her antibiotics tonight before 8 pm somehow. I am not so sure I should have Mom go with me again, but we will see how she feels. Maybe someone can run here and stay for a bit with her or maybe she will be up to going. We are only picking up medicines and that is it. No shopping at all. I would rather do it tonight than tomorrow because she hasn't had an antibiotic at all today and that is not good. We don't need the infection coming back again. She doesn't need another visit to the hospital. I am glad this one was short. I got her some Cranberry juice to drink because Bob said it helps keeps those infections away. He was told to drink it from his doctor when he had two infections like Mom so I got some today for Mom. I also got more hangers because we didn't have enough to hang all my clothes.

For the first time in 2 years, all of my clothes, except what I am wearing, are clean. Yup, all of them. Calli brought them all down before her camp and Maia and Tillie washed them while I was teaching and getting Mom yesterday. I have one small pile to hang and a few to carry up, but that it is. They are all finished! I am so happy about that. I can see what I have and what I want to keep and get rid of. Very little will go since I purged 2 years ago and the only clothes that are left are the ones I want and fit.

I plan on Mom and I relaxing tonight after I figure out the picking up the medicine problem. We had lunch with Georgette and that was so fun. We haven't seen her in a month! She had a good time up north most of last month. We talked about competition, lessons, Mary Kay, and all sorts of good things. I can't believe it is almost time to think of competition! Wow, summer has gone fast in some places and dragged in other places. I am glad it is almost over because we haven't had a really good summer with the little Mom getting sick a few times and being in the hospital. I hope the rest of the summer is good for her. We have a nice and busy week ahead of us. I am really glad about that. I like it when we are busy!

It is hot and humid out. Just plain yucky! It isn't suppose to improve until the weekend. Ugh, so I anticipate a painful week. i hope yours is better!

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