Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am waiting for the physical therapist to call to come here. She varies her times so I don't know when to expect her. I hope she comes unlike last Wednesday she didn't get to Mom, her schedule was just too full. We had to skip one last week, which I don't like, but we aren't home Thursday afternoons, we just aren't. I already have plans and her day is Wednesday, not Thursday. She did come Friday though which was good.

So far today Mom has been feeling very anxious and nervous for some unknown reason. She had a few meltdowns at Tim Horton's, not the hunger kind, or the thirsty kind, just the unknown kind. I asked her if she was nervous and she said yes. I gave her medicine when we came home for that. She isn't feeling nervous and anxious now and she hasn't melted down since.

She hasn't been drinking as much as she used to and that is bad. Yesterday she only drank 1 ensure and that is the lowest in a while. She was up to 3 to 4 a day, but now she is back to 1 to 2 a day. I have to get her back up because she has a new sore on her tailbone, it is tiny and I would like to keep it that way.

I was able to go to the store without Mom last night because our neighbor came over and stayed with Mom for an hour. I was so thankful for that because I needed to get a few things and Mom just wouldn't be able to do it. I have to ride in a scooter and can't push her in the wheelchair which is what she needs. She did rip a page out of my bookkeeping book for lessons, and it was a page I use. I was not happy but what can I do? I have since moved it even further away from her. She did pretty well though and I was back within an hour. It was nice to scooter around the store without her for a change. I even stopped to get a Starbucks! What a treat!

I am tired today for some reason. I didn't nap yesterday but I did get up early and didn't sleep very well so that is probably why. I plan to move us into the living room for a rest after I am done here. It is a dull day here as we don't have anything except physical therapy. I am hoping for a few more lessons come this fall, but if not, that is alright, we are doing okay now that the car is paid for. Boy does that help a lot. I can catch up bit by bit on medical bills because of that. I have to call the dentist for Mom today because I need to make payment arrangements and an appointment to have her 2 teeth pulled and 3 teeth filled. 2 are new fillings and 1 is an old one that fell out. I have known about that one for a while but we haven't had any money to do anything about that. With payment arrangements I will be able to get her teeth fixed before she has any problems with them. I hope to do this in September or October latest. Yes, August would be best but we haven't finished paying for the visit to the nursing home in June but I will find out about when we can have the appointment today.

It is nice out. It is a bit warmer than it was yesterday but the humidity is low. It is possible rain today, but since we are home all day, I don't mind. I hope this finds you doing really well and having a good day.

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