Monday, August 16, 2010

Yesterday was a busy day. We got up at our usual time, fortunately, I didn't have a big headache, just the regular one. Off we went to my Uncle's house. We stopped at Tim Horton's on the way for brunch as we hadn't eaten yet that day. We got to my uncle's around 2 pm at the same time as Tillie and Andrew! It was really funny. So while I helped Mom in Andrew took my stuff in. Mom was tired yesterday so I think that was why she had trouble walking at times. It was really bad when we left. Michelle carried her most of the way to the car and carried her into the car seat. It worked. When we got home, Mom's friend, Jose was waiting for us. He helped Mom in the house so that was good. He stayed for about an hour and then Mom and I went to bed right after he left. We were both pretty tired.

We got up a little earlier than usual because I thought the home health care aide, Angela, would be here at noon so we also did a drive through instead of eating inside. She is running a bit behind today. It doesn't really matter today because nobody else but students will be here. Once Mom is finished with her bath, I am putting her in the living room for a nap. We both are a bit tired now. We had a big week this past week. This week will be less busy. Mom keeps wanting to get out of her chair. I don't know where she wants to go, but hey, if she wants to walk around she certainly can.

Yesterday was a good day mostly. Only a little bit of criticism, not a lot like before. I was glad of that. I really couldn't have handled more. Michelle trimmed Mom's nails for me, which was really nice of her to do. Trying to keep them clean is difficult because Mom won't let me soak her hands, she just can't handle it so they are a bit dirty. Doesn't bother me because I know there isn't too much I can do about it. I am doing the best that I can. Mom did pretty well going up the stairs last night.

I am really not wanting to move Mom down in the living room because she needs the exercise going up the stairs. It is good for her at this point. Yes, at some time it will be not good for her, but right now she can do it even if it is hard for both of us. Her muscles are getting stronger with the exercises that we do so she doesn't always have a hard time, only when she is really tired. On those nights we go up earlier before she gets that tired. The physical therapist also doesn't want Mom downstairs either, she says she needs to exercise of going upstairs so I am keeping her close to me. Besides, if she is downstairs there are plenty of opportunity for her to leave the house without me knowing. She could get lost and lots of things could happen to her, like she could leave in the middle of night in the middle of winter without a coat and die. It happened to 2 families this past winter near by. I don't have gates big enough to block her it, they just don't make them that big. I have to look at the big picture here. I can't have her downstairs because of this issue, safety for her. We are doing alright going up at night time and coming down in the morning has been a breeze most of the time for her.

Mom is still finishing her milk from this morning. The downside to eating at home instead of the restaurant is that Mom never finishes her food here at home. It is really annoying, but true so I don't like to eat at home for brunch because I want her to finish her meal She ate 1/2 of her muffin and is still working on the 8 oz of milk. I hope she finishes it before Angela arrives, if not I am putting it into the fridge because it is time to work on getting 3 or 4 ensures down her today. That is my goal. I want her to finish that many because she is starting a new sore and we know that the protein will heal it fast. She ate pretty good the last couple days so I hope to continue this pattern.

I am finishing up the new book club book. It is a good one and I have picked the new one for next time to read. It was such a good book and it has a guide for book clubs in the back. How cool is that?

Much nicer weather out today. It has cooled off and the humidity is low so that is really good and I hope it stays that way for a while. I don't want another week of headaches. Saturdays was a big one. I hope this finds you doing well.


  1. Hi Heather, glad you like the images on my post, I find the pretties pictures online, I can email some to you and you can enjoy them..I have some that are mine too, not nearly as nice though.
    Glad your mom is doing have quite a load on you. I would keep her upstairs as long as I could, you don't want her out wandering..

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