Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A rather boring type day. I am not complaining, just pointing it out because around here, an exciting day is not always a good thing. Last excitement? Mom was in the hospital! Although I would say that going to Kalamazoo was exciting! Mom had physical therapy this afternoon. She did okay, not too good. She just couldn't do much today, she is very wiped for some reason. I had her in the living room for a rest and she took one, but I don't know how long she slept because I was sleeping. I don't know how much she slept last night either. I do know she was awake around 8 am because I had to go to the bathroom at that time and she was awake. I didn't go in though because I wasn't ready to get her up, I thought maybe she would go back to sleep but maybe she didn't. She is playing with the Kleenex box and tablecloth. As long as she doesn't rip it, I don't care. She can, however, shred the tissues as we have another box that we use. This is here play box that surprisingly is still full.

She is crying a bit more this afternoon than usual. It has been like this for a couple days. i don't know if that means her medicine needs to be changed. We have an appointment next week so I will ask. We accidentally missed the appointment in July. Oops! Not good on my part. Fortunately, we were able to get an appointment right away. Tuesday, we will be going to lunch with my friend, Georgette, so that is going to be fun. She was away up north a lot last month. I know she tries to spend as much time at her cottage as she can in the month of July. She takes the entire month off from teaching. I only take off when I am on vacation out of town. I find with the students vacations that is all i need to do although if necessary I would do the same. It just hasn't been necessary for me.

I filled out an application for a website that promotes lessons. I hope they add me to their list, it would help me out a lot. Of course, my own website will help even more so that is what I am in the process of doing. I get to have the first look at it next weekend. I am very excited about that. I hope it brings some new students my way. I am looking for about 7 more regular, weekly students.

In September, Maia, Danielle and family, and Mom and I will go to the zoo. It has to be on a cooler type day because otherwise Mom and I will melt. If it is too hot, we can't go. But I figure by the time Maia wants to go (near the end of the month) it should be perfect zoo weather. I am excited about it because both Mom and I love the zoo.

I was going to get some of the craft kits out but I took a nap instead. I was so tired that I had to go and lay down, while sit down in my chair with my feet up and my blanket and I sleep for about 3 hours. I don't usually take short naps, usually they last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Sometimes it is the best sleep I get all day.

I have a bit of a bad headache which I expected since it is so hot and humid out. I think it is about 90% humidity out today which makes it feel like it is over 100 degrees. Ugh, we only went out for our usual, and we drove through because Lori was on her way. I didn't want us to be late. Mom finished her donut in time for Lori to begin. It is supposed to be cooler and less humid tomorrow. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow by myself and I can't wait! it shall be great because I won't have to worry about Mom getting tired out while I am shopping. It is our monthly shopping. I just have to get a other things to like new crayons and coloring books for us. They are on sale right now. I do plan on taking her with me to pick out a new backpack, I don't like how big the new one is. I am going to get her a small cloth one like the one I carry. Or I may get me a new one and let her use the one I use. Either way, it will work out well. I am going to look to see if they have sweat pants out for sale yet too, because I need to get Mom a new pair in case of an accident and she needs to change her pants. I am going to get her a black pair since black goes with almost everything. I am looking forward to shopping on my own. I won't have to worry about Mom getting tired or walking to slow or fast because she does both. Sometimes she walks so fast she almost falls. I found that out when we went to get a few things the other day. Several times I thought she was going to go head over heels but she didn't. It was rather scary. Walmart is just too big for her to walk in. I won't have her do that again.

I hope you are having a good day.

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