Friday, August 13, 2010

Mom is getting a shower. We have a home health care aide here to help Mom. It is such a relief to have some help. She is very nervous and I am downstairs out of the way. The nurse is one her way too, so we may have some overlapping in time. Oh well, can't help that. Mom will look awfully spiffy when she is done. I picked out a cute t-shirt for her and she is wearing her new maroon hoodie. I just love her in hoodies. She looks so cute. I can hear her crying because she is nervous but I know she will be fine in a bit.

The nurse has arrived too. Oh my! Our house is getting crowded and the Physical Therapist is on her way.

We had all 3 people at the same time today. Not too much overlapping. The nurse checked Mom before Angela dressed her so that was good for Evelyn and Mom. Lori arrived right when Evelyn and Angela were finishing up. I now have Mom's schedule. Angela is going to come Mondays and Thursdays around noon time. Evelyn is coming the same days as Lori, Wednesdays and Fridays. That leaves Tuesdays open for sewing with the girls so far. Let's hope it works for them too. I am not sure about their schedule, but I will find out. Ugh, as much as I want help, scheduling can be a bit of a problem. Mom is so wiped out from the bath that she is taking a nap. I don't usually like her taking a nap at 5:30 pm but she was falling asleep in her chair and that is not good so I had no choice. With Angela coming at around noon time now, she will have her regular nap time after her shower or bath. Mom smells so nice with the freshness of the bath. We both have fresh heads too. I did my hair after she got her hair and bath done. Mom was afraid of the water coming down on her so Angela did it from the bath tub and used a cup to rinse her head. She should get used to it very soon.

I am tired today too. I took a nap this afternoon. I have been taking naps more often right now, I don't know why, but I am more tired these days than usual. I think the heat and humidity has made me ache more which makes me more tired.

I had to take another pain pill today because of the pain in the head. It is supposed to cool down this weekend and next week so I should get some relief. Thank goodness for that.

We have a busy weekend ahead. I am excited about that. We are going to Laura's for lunch tomorrow and to my Uncle John's for dinner on Sunday. Very busy, rather exciting. Not much time for naps though, but if Mom gets tired, she can sit on Laura's and Uncle John's couches and take a nap so can I if necessary at my Uncle's house. I also have 1 lesson at noon tomorrow. How exciting is that? I haven't seen Laura in a long time so catching up with her will be a lot of fun. We saw my Uncle a few weeks ago. I am not sure if Andrew will be there, but Nicole and her children may be so that will be cool.

I hope this finds you doing well and staying cool. It has been a really hot summer so far. I need some relief.

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