Saturday, August 21, 2010

Okay, so, well, as most of you know I didn't feel very well on Thursday. About 6 pm I thought, wow, I really don't feel well and I feel strange so I loaded Mom up in the car and we went to the emergency room. Where I got stuck for an overnight visit. Why me? Can't they just fix me and send me home. I called Tillie to come and take care of Mom for me and she arrived with Maia about 10 minutes after we got in the hospital ER room. I had had a EKG so we waited for about 3 hours before I got a room. Apparently, the EKG was normal because we waited and waited and waited. They couldn't have done anything for me without someone with Mom because they will not leave her in a room by herself. It is a good thing but it does put me in a bind at times. My friend, Heather said next time, call her and they will help figure out what to do with Mom so she is safe and I can get the help I need. I really didn't know what to do with Mom because I knew they wouldn't be able to leave her and if it turned out to be serious, then what. Fortunately, Tillie was available and came over with Maia. They were in the room with me until about 12:30 am when I had to stay the night. I did learn a very important lesson, it is impossible to sleep on a stretcher all night long with no sleeping medicine. I imagine it is difficult in the first place, but no sleeping medicine, that is even worse. Needless to say, I am so exhausted today it is unbelievable. I foresee a long nap in the future this afternoon for me. I foresee one for Mom too. She is so tired too because she had her schedule crazily screwed up because of my ER visit. It was difficult for her to deal with this as she doesn't understand what is going on with everything. She is much better today though. She came down those stairs like usual, I got her dressed like usual without any problem. The only problem she is starting to have is some days she doesn't remember how to brush her teeth. This has been ongoing, so today was no problem. I just brush them for her. I am not that good, but I do get the job done. At least she has clean teeth twice daily. It is important to me that her teeth get down because she has some work that needs to be done and I don't want anymore work than necessary for her, so she has always taken good care of them, now it is my turn.

A social worker is coming her today to speak with us about Mom. It shall be interesting. She should be here very shortly.

Tillie will be going home afterwards. Next week will be a different schedule for Mom. She will have her physical therapy on Monday and Tuesday because Lori is having surgery on her eyes. It is a necessary, not a wanting thing she is getting done. Angela is coming to give Mom a bath on Monday too and I have my lovely Muglia girls on Monday so it is going to be one heck of a day. I can't wait! It will be so fun. I am going to work on some sewing this weekend so I can have Natalie's skirt done. It is almost done, but I have a couple of small things to finish. I have a couple of things to finish on Sarah's skirt too. I can't wait until our schedule calms down a bit, by fall we should be back to normal.

The social worker is going to find out some info for me that I need so that is good. Mom came down the stairs today like normal. She is back on her schedule today. I am glad she is back to her schedule, she is sleeping in the living room right now. I will check on her again shortly.


  1. Sorry you had to go to the ER Heather. Hope you were able to get some rest today. I remember before I was diagnosed, my head hurt really bad, my arms started going numb and I thought my heart was running a race. I went to the ER..they treated me like I was having a heart attack. They admitted me to the ICU and monitored my heart all night. They also gave me a Echogram and a stress test. They discovered nothing wrong with me. The crazy doctor on call said it must've been acid reflux and sent me home. After my diagnosis and research on the subject...those with FM often have sensations in the chest that may feel like a heart attack. Sounds like Mom is progressing by not remembering how to brush her teeth. All you can do is accept the progression and help her. I'm so glad you have friends who are willing to help. I hope you can recognize when her care becomes more than you can handle. I understand you wanting to care for her. When you starting having more issues with your health, take a look at how much you do. I hope you won't take my comments as negative, you know how I understand your situation. Hugs

  2. I did not know that we FMer's can have chest pains like that. I will keep that in mind. Mom brushed her own teeth today and last night so it must have been just confusion from when I wasn't home. She does get confused when her schedule is messed up and when I am not home, it gets messed up. I will be taking stock this week about what I do and what i need help with. It was a good suggestion. I have been under stress more this summer partly because of Mom being in and out of the hospital and stressing myself out for no reason. I am working on that. I thought I was doing much better, but it must have caught up on me. I hope you are having a good day!

  3. Heather I just saw this, I did not know you went to the E.R. I worry about you, just remember to ask for more help when you need have to take care of YOU sweets...